Segment Spotlight

This section goes in depth on a selected foodservice and equipment supplies market segment. From commercial to institutional, from food trucks to correctional facilities, FE&S covers it all.

Best U.S. Views of Italy

With an increasing number of diners seeking authentic, regional and more diverse ethnic dishes, Italian restaurateurs look to perfect their cuisine. Internationally inspired menu dishes present an opportunity for restaurants as international foods continue to trend. Only one in five consumers prefer Americanized international types over authentic versions, according to Mintel’s International Food Trends, U.S. report.

Java Growth Continues

Starbucks continues to soar up the sales charts with reported net sales growth of $1.2 billion and net unit growth of 758 units in 2017. It took a little time since Starbucks first entered the coffee market in 1971, but few would now disagree that the Seattle-based behemoth has forever changed the landscape of the coffee cafe market.

Reinterpreting Asian

When Klaus Mager visited China’s White Swan Hotel back in the ’70s, he was treated to an early preview of what was to become a sensation in the states decades later.

Sports Bars Hit a Home Run

The sports bar segment ups its game with more high-end menus and trendy cocktails to entice customers to stay after the games end.

Seafood Segment Weathers Tough Waters

Despite higher than average prices and consumer speculation on sourcing, seafood restaurants continue to keep their heads above water.

The Impact of Consumer-Direct Operations

Meal kit providers, kitchen-only restaurants and other industry disruptors change the face of foodservice.

The Fine Tuning of Fine Dining

A bright spot in the volatile foodservice industry, fine dining now features broader menu offerings and less stuffy service.

An Early Day Part Focus

Breakfast and lunch success depends on high volume and quick table turns.

Food Offerings Drive Profits

Upscale and innovative food and beverage programs help set family entertainment venues apart.

FroYo Segment Swirls in Transition

After a shakeout, the remaining players in the frozen yogurt industry find success with innovative offerings, overseas expansion and a unique business model.

Middle Eastern Cuisine Takes Hold

With healthier and more diverse menu options, the Middle Eastern restaurant segment is poised to become more prominent in the U.S.