Many operators specify solid surface counters and even bar tops. These offer affordability, durability and an elevated look compared to alternatives such as laminate.

To maintain their appearance and extend their life, operators should take steps to care for and maintain their solid surface counters.

  • Staff should know to never place hot pots and pans on a solid surface countertop. These can leave scorch marks.
  • Similarly, staff should never cut or chop food on these surfaces, as doing so could leave scratches and marks.
  • If a chemical (such as a powerful cleaning solution) spills on a solid surface, clean it immediately using plenty of soapy water. If not, the chemical could damage the surface.
  • Different manufacturers have slightly different guidelines for cleaning pads and solutions. In general, mild cleaning pads (like microfiber) along with mild, non-abrasive cleansers are recommended.
  • Be sure to dry solid surface counters after cleaning. Leaving them wet can leave a reside and streaks.
  • Repair shallow scratches and abrasions by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Deeper cuts and cracks may require professional repair.