Auto Scrubber Self-Cleaning Hood System

Booth #655

Accurex’s new self-cleaning Auto Scrubber Hood System cleans both sides of the filters in place along with the inside of the exhaust plenum. This eliminates the need for daily removal and cleaning, dramatically reducing operating costs and increasing worker safety. The drastic reduction of grease buildup on the filters, ductwork and fans decreases fire potential as well. The Auto Scrubber is ideal for heavy grease-producing appliances such as char broilers, woks, fryers and griddles; facilities with long duct runs; and facilities with long hours of operation. It can be used with baffle, Grease X-Tractor, Grease Grabber, spark arrestor or energy recovery filters.

High-Tech, High-Speed Xpress AXP22T Combi Oven

acpACP Inc.
Booth #2412

The updated Xpress AXP22T
high-speed combination oven features a new capacitive touchscreen control panel for simplified operation, customization and programming flexibility. This user-friendly technology will store and organize up to 360 menu items, personalized with vibrant images or icons. A new ACP web app simplifies the creation and transfer of menu items via USB flash drive, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Three cooking energies for toasting, browning and crisping make the AXP 15 times faster than a conventional oven. Ventless cooking and compact footprint allow for easy installation.

Flush-Mount Floor Mop Sink

advance-tabcoAdvance Tabco
Booth #1443

The new Flush-Mount Floor Mop Sink creates a cleaner, safer work environment. Unlike conventional mop sinks, which require the operator to lift the mop bucket, the flush-mount design allows the operator to roll the mop bucket right onto the mop sink and tip to empty. Units are available with left/rear or right/rear side splashes or with splashes on all three sides. Durable stainless steel grates come as a standard. Optional, lighter weight fiberglass grates (shown) are available for easier lifting and cleaning purposes.

On-Demand Induction Heating Activator

aladdinAladdin Temp-Rite
Booth #2226

Aladdin’s Heat On Demand Advantage RS Induction Heating Activator eliminates the dish heater. Its small, compact design fits easily into tight tray-assembly areas. It’s perfect for room service, POD or smaller operations. Heat On Demand Advantage RS maintains hot food for an extended period of time without a pre-heated plate, providing consistent results. Easy to operate, with no need to read — the extra-large status light bar glows green when bases are ready, eliminating guesswork and making visual operation easy. Meals stay hotter, patients are happier, satisfaction goes up.

Electric Griddle with Steam-Shell Technology

american-griddleAmerican Griddle
Booth #408

American Griddle’s countertop electric steam griddles feature patented steam-shell technology. Unlike conventional griddles, which can have hot and cold spots, slow recovery and extreme temperature spikes, our steam griddle offers uniform temperature across the entire griddle surface. In addition, with the optional steam-shell lid, product is cooked from the top and bottom at the same time, retaining moisture and reducing most cook times by up to 50 percent. And, because steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other heating source, a 3-foot American Griddle can replace most 6-foot models in the field.

Custom-Designed Walk-In Coolers

american-panelAmerican Panel Corporation
Booth #3812

American Panel is featuring walk-in cold rooms that are custom designed to satisfy exacting job-site conditions. Choose from a large selection of metal finishes, walk-in accessories and custom-engineered refrigeration systems. Proprietary monitoring systems offer peace of mind that products are kept at the desired temperature. American Panel also offers the largest line of blast chillers and shock freezers on the market. Offering one-piece units, modular units and even units designed as part of a walk-in — there is a model perfectly suited for the task at hand.

Smart, Simple Defrost Controls

Booth #3242

Bally has redesigned the SmartVap control. There are now two models: one for air defrost evaporators and one for electric defrost evaporators. The electric defrost version now contains an adaptive control to initiate defrost only as needed rather than the typical time-initiated defrosts. Installation is simple: just two pipes and two wires, no wiring back to the condensing unit. Preset to suit most applications.

Round Ductwork for Better Flow, Less Buildup

captiveaireCaptiveAire Systems Inc.
Booth #263

CaptiveAire’s listed, factory-built grease ducts take the work out of ductwork, offering a clear advantage when compared to traditional rectangular duct systems. Round ductwork improves the overall performance of the system with increased laminar flow through the duct and reduced buildup of grease in the corners, as results in traditional ducts. With no on-site welding, CaptiveAire ducts are tested for leaks and save on installation. CaptiveAire provides single- and double-wall grease ducts that can fit any application, including new construction and retro fits.

New Conveyor Warewasher with Ventless Heat Recovery

championChampion Industries
Booth #2028

The new 44 Pro Rack Conveyor with Ventless Heat Recovery captures 100 percent of operating exhaust heat and vapor and converts it into useable energy to heat wash water and fresh rinse water. This conversion saves as much as 10 kW of energy, or up to $5,000 in wash tank and rinse water heating costs annually. The 44 Pro VHR features a heat recovery unit and a heat pump, eliminating the need for hot water during operation. With no vent hood required, capital investment is significantly lower and HMI control features a color display for operation, monitoring heat and active alerts.

1,000-Plus Hot and Cold Coffee Drink Options

middlebyConcordia Beverage Systems
Booth #1668

The Xpress Touch espresso machine from Concordia produces a wide variety of brewed drinks using fresh milk and whole coffee beans that are freshly ground to order for each beverage. The unit offers 1,000-plus cold and hot drink options, prepared in less than 25 seconds, in an easy-to-use, small-footprint machine. The EspressJet Flavor System infuses flavored syrups into the milk.

Refrigerated, User-Friendly Pizza Prep Table

continental-refrigerationContinental Refrigerator
Booth #3222

Continental’s Pizza Preparation Table with Vision Panel Lid offers a unique forced-air design that utilizes fans positioned approximately every 12 inches across the entire back of the unit to ensure even, cold distribution. A refrigerated door (standard) or drawer (optional) section uniquely housed above the compressor adds extra storage while the raised angle rail ensures greater ease and comfort. Additional features include an expansion valve for quick recovery and a built-in, off-cycle defrost timer for optimum coil defrost. Easy, in-the-field conversion from “door to drawer” or “drawer to door” and available in five sizes.

fes1701 NAFEM Cover3inNEW

Zoomba Group’s NAFEM Show Photo Contest

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The Zoomba Group, publishers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine and restaurant development + design magazine, invite you to our NAFEM Show booth #1061 and get your picture on the cover. Not only will you immediately get a print and digital version of your picture, but by posting it on social media with the #MyFESMag or #MyrddMag, one lucky winner from each publication will win a $500 gift card.