High-Tech, High-Speed Xpress AXP22T Combi Oven

acpACP Inc.
Booth #2412

The updated Xpress AXP22T
high-speed combination oven features a new capacitive touchscreen control panel for simplified operation, customization and programming flexibility. This user-friendly technology will store and organize up to 360 menu items, personalized with vibrant images or icons. A new ACP web app simplifies the creation and transfer of menu items via USB flash drive, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Three cooking energies for toasting, browning and crisping make the AXP 15 times faster than a conventional oven. Ventless cooking and compact footprint allow for easy installation.

On-Demand Induction Heating Activator

aladdinAladdin Temp-Rite
Booth #2226

Aladdin’s Heat On Demand Advantage RS Induction Heating Activator eliminates the dish heater. Its small, compact design fits easily into tight tray-assembly areas. It’s perfect for room service, POD or smaller operations. Heat On Demand Advantage RS maintains hot food for an extended period of time without a pre-heated plate, providing consistent results. Easy to operate, with no need to read — the extra-large status light bar glows green when bases are ready, eliminating guesswork and making visual operation easy. Meals stay hotter, patients are happier, satisfaction goes up.

Electric Griddle with Steam-Shell Technology

american-griddleAmerican Griddle
Booth #408

American Griddle’s countertop electric steam griddles feature patented steam-shell technology. Unlike conventional griddles, which can have hot and cold spots, slow recovery and extreme temperature spikes, our steam griddle offers uniform temperature across the entire griddle surface. In addition, with the optional steam-shell lid, product is cooked from the top and bottom at the same time, retaining moisture and reducing most cook times by up to 50 percent. And, because steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other heating source, a 3-foot American Griddle can replace most 6-foot models in the field.

Original Compact Combi Steamer Comes of Age

elomaEloma GmbH
Booth #2228

Eloma’s multifunctional, high-capacity, compact combi steamer, now called GeniusMT C 1-1, celebrates its 18th birthday this year. Numerous improvements have been made over the years while maintaining the unit’s width of just 20.5 inches. The GeniusMT C 1-1 meets standards on par with full-size combi steamers and Eloma offers numerous solutions for a wide range of applications, including a built-in version. The Genius MT-C 1-1 includes a fully automatic cleaning system and various accessories, such as the Multi-Eco-Hood for a pleasant indoor climate. Thanks to innovative MT Technology, operating the GeniusMT C 1-1 fulfills Eloma’s guiding principle: ease of cooking.

Fast, Efficient Induction Plancha/Griddle

Booth #608

EQUIPEX offers versatile induction plancha/griddles in a perfect size for serving a wide variety of operators. A traditional plancha/griddle needs 30 to 45 minutes to reach the desired temperature, and high heat is needed to maintain recovery when cold or frozen foods are cooked. The EQUIPEX plancha/griddle reaches 500 degrees F in 2 minutes. Recovery is instantaneous, since the custom griddle plate does not need to store heat as a traditional plancha/griddle does. The chef can cook with precision at lower temperatures, dramatically increasing the taste and quality of the food, since natural flavors and moisture are not removed as with cooking at high temperatures. Two zones permit cooking at different temperatures on the same surface, without transfer of flavors.

The MJ50 Masters Open-Pot Frying

Booth #3200

The MJ50 gas fryers are unsurpassed in versatility, controlled performance and low maintenance needs. The Master Jet burner system distributes heat evenly around the frypot for efficient exchange and quick recovery. They’re built standard with NEW EZSpark ignition, which is battery powered to make lighting the pilot as easy and safe as pushing a button. Heavy duty basket hangers and frypot covers are standard as well. Optional features include multiple frypot batteries, controller options and basket lifts. Cleaning requires no burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment and with built-in filtration and open-pot design, safe access is enabled to every inch of the frypot.

Flexible, Mobile Kitchens To Go

kitchens-to-goKitchens To Go built by Carlin
Booth #1145

Kitchens To Go provides for lease or sale comprehensive mobile, modular and containerized commercial kitchens for planned renovation or expansion, new construction, special events or immediate needs such as disaster response and recovery. Short- and long-term solutions are available in a multitude of platforms. Foodservice providers requiring flexible facilities to continue or expand operations trust Kitchens To Go to guide complex projects. Our licensed architects, engineers and sales professionals partner with you to reduce downtime, costs and construction fatigue. In addition to cooking capacity, we can provide cold and frozen storage, warewashing, dining space, restroom and office facilities.

Authentic Artisan Gas- and Wood-Burning Deck Oven

marra-forniMarra Forni
Booth #4227

One of Marra Forni’s outstanding innovations is The Rotator, which is built brick by brick in the company’s Maryland facility from materials imported from Italy to create the most effective and efficient gas- and wood-burning oven on the market. The high-performance Rotator offers touchscreen technology and auto on/off. Its deck is made from authentic Italian refractory brick and will operate either in forward or reverse. The Rotator is available in single- and dual-burner models and offers customizable one-, two- or three-cycle rotations.

Best-in-Class eikon e2s Convection/Microwave

Booth #3200

The eikon e2s from Merrychef is where innovative design meets cutting-edge technologies, a small footprint, high-speed convection/microwave oven. Inventive placement of the magnetrons and use of air-curtain techniques allow a narrow footprint and cool touch surfaces. Offering best-in-class results: speed, heat up and cool down times, energy efficiency, noise level, clean-ability and cavity-to-footprint ratio. It is available in classic Merrychef design or eikon e2s Trend, with color-coded exterior, soft edges and smallware storage on top. The eikon e2s is the ideal way to cook, toast, grill, bake and regenerate a wide range of fresh or frozen foods.

Double-Stacked Convection Oven


Booth #1830

Moffat’s E33T5/2 Double Stacked convection oven is 24 inches wide with a total capacity for up to 10 half-size sheet pans delivering optimum capacity and outstanding performance with a small footprint. The E33T5/2 comes standard with a high-performance, two-speed bi-directional reversing fan for fast and efficient baking, cooking and holding capability. For increased precision, it features Touch Screen control, an icon-driven program menu, multiple-stage cooking and a USB port for easy menu uploads. A five-level moisture injection mode reduces food shrinkage and keeps even the most difficult dishes from drying out.

TruVapor Offers 3-in-1 Capability in a Small Footprint

Booth #1668

Southbend’s TruVapor is the most compact, tri-mode unit on the market. It allows operators to fully steam in the steam mode, bake in the convection oven mode and use it in combi mode so you are able to hold everything in the exact place that you’re going to be using it for meal service. With a footprint of just 27.3-by-36.1 inches, the TruVapor fits perfectly in any cooking line, where you can truly take advantage of its diverse features and performance.

fes1701 NAFEM Cover3inNEW

Zoomba Group’s NAFEM Show Photo Contest

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The Zoomba Group, publishers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine and restaurant development + design magazine, invite you to our NAFEM Show booth #1061 and get your picture on the cover. Not only will you immediately get a print and digital version of your picture, but by posting it on social media with the #MyFESMag or #MyrddMag, one lucky winner from each publication will win a $500 gift card.