Auto Scrubber Self-Cleaning Hood System

Booth #655

Accurex’s new self-cleaning Auto Scrubber Hood System cleans both sides of the filters in place along with the inside of the exhaust plenum. This eliminates the need for daily removal and cleaning, dramatically reducing operating costs and increasing worker safety. The drastic reduction of grease buildup on the filters, ductwork and fans decreases fire potential as well. The Auto Scrubber is ideal for heavy grease-producing appliances such as char broilers, woks, fryers and griddles; facilities with long duct runs; and facilities with long hours of operation. It can be used with baffle, Grease X-Tractor, Grease Grabber, spark arrestor or energy recovery filters.

Flush-Mount Floor Mop Sink

advance-tabcoAdvance Tabco
Booth #1443

The new Flush-Mount Floor Mop Sink creates a cleaner, safer work environment. Unlike conventional mop sinks, which require the operator to lift the mop bucket, the flush-mount design allows the operator to roll the mop bucket right onto the mop sink and tip to empty. Units are available with left/rear or right/rear side splashes or with splashes on all three sides. Durable stainless steel grates come as a standard. Optional, lighter weight fiberglass grates (shown) are available for easier lifting and cleaning purposes.

Round Ductwork for Better Flow, Less Buildup

captiveaireCaptiveAire Systems Inc.
Booth #263

CaptiveAire’s listed, factory-built grease ducts take the work out of ductwork, offering a clear advantage when compared to traditional rectangular duct systems. Round ductwork improves the overall performance of the system with increased laminar flow through the duct and reduced buildup of grease in the corners, as results in traditional ducts. With no on-site welding, CaptiveAire ducts are tested for leaks and save on installation. CaptiveAire provides single- and double-wall grease ducts that can fit any application, including new construction and retro fits.

New Conveyor Warewasher with Ventless Heat Recovery

championChampion Industries
Booth #2028

The new 44 Pro Rack Conveyor with Ventless Heat Recovery captures 100 percent of operating exhaust heat and vapor and converts it into useable energy to heat wash water and fresh rinse water. This conversion saves as much as 10 kW of energy, or up to $5,000 in wash tank and rinse water heating costs annually. The 44 Pro VHR features a heat recovery unit and a heat pump, eliminating the need for hot water during operation. With no vent hood required, capital investment is significantly lower and HMI control features a color display for operation, monitoring heat and active alerts.

Blue Hose Gas Connector Kits and Accessories

Booth #1241

Dormont’s gas connector kits include the Dormont Blue Hose — the most trusted and innovative solution with patented Stress Guard technology. To improve kitchen productivity for faster equipment maintenance and cleaning, choose the SnapFast, the only one-handed quick disconnect. To reduce hose stress, add the Swivel MAX fitting offering 360-degree multi-plane rotational movement. For maximum safety, select the Safety Quick, which prevents the Blue Hose from being disconnected until its valve is shut off. Dormont’s add-on Safety-Set positioning system ensures that castered cooking equipment is returned to its precise location under ventilation and fire suppression systems.

Hygienic, Sustainable Solution for Food Waste Recycling

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At Emerson, we understand handling food waste can be a logistically challenging burden to your bottom line. Moreover, it has a negative impact on the environment when it ends up in landfills. Our Grind2Energy system allows you to handle food waste faster, cleaner and easier while producing renewable energy and supporting your local community. Grind2Energy provides a hygienic, sustainable solution for food-waste recycling — an industrial solution utilizing anaerobic digestion to divert food scraps, a method more preferred by the U.S. EPA over aerobic composting.

High-Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

encoreEncore/Component Hardware
Booth #1063

PowerPulse High Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valve by Encore utilizes a patented low-flow pulsating jet spray to beat dried or baked food residue off of dirty dishes in just 12 seconds. Our 1.05 gpm model cleans 43 percent faster than competing models while using 58 percent less water. This means operators spend less time cleaning dirty dishes, plus lower energy costs and water usage. PowerPulse is also available in .74 gpm and .65 gpm models for additional water savings and may be easily retrofitted to most existing prerinse units.

Antimicrobial Ice Protection System

frankeFranke Foodservice Solutions
Booth #2422

EcO3Ice, the antimicrobial ice protection system by Franke, is a compact, low-power device that continuously treats incoming water used by ice machines to dramatically reduce microbial build-up, including bacteria, yeast and mold. EcO3Ice cuts the frequency of professional, deep cleanings by half and is the only device that keeps not only the ice-making area clean but also remote storage bins and dispensers. EcO3Ice creates a small, safe amount of pure ozone to continuously kill microbes and inhibit growth throughout. It attaches quickly and easily to the ice machine’s incoming water line and runs silently and automatically.

New M-iClean UM+ Dishwasher

Booth #4030

Through innovative design, the new M-iClean UM+ communicates with the kitchen staff in multiple ways. The M-iClean uses the color blue to indicate something in the machine that can be touched or used. Every item that should be handled or cleaned at the end of the shift is colored blue, such as the wash arms and filter. Going beyond the blue concept, the MEIKO M-iClean UM+ has an LED handle that lights up and can be seen from across the room, telling the staff where the dishwasher is in the washing cycle. This color-coded communication method transcends language barriers.

Enhanced, User-Friendly Undercounter Dishwasher

moyerMoyer Diebel US
Booth #2020

Moyer Diebel introduces the 383HT Undercounter, a high-temperature overflow type dishwashing machine with built-in booster heater. The 383HT is designed with enhanced features that simplify its operation. Special features include a new Fill Sentry device that ensures proper fill and rinse performances; Rinse Sentry technology that ensures 108 degrees F/82 degrees C final rinse temperature; and new Smart Display technology that provides digital temperature readouts along with cycle progress indicators. In addition, new Drain Sentry technology monitors and ensures proper draining and Auto Clean washes the chamber at shutdown.

Advanced Dish Scrapping Equipment

salvajorThe Salvajor Company
Booth #2430

The Salvajor Company, the industry’s only manufacturer of advanced dish scrapping equipment more than 70 years, is pleased to announce that the Scrap Collector (S914), Pot/Pan Collector (P914), ScrapMaster (SM) and Pot/Pan ScrapMaster (PSM) product lines now come standard with patented operator sensing technology. In addition, the sensor technology will be available, as an add-on, for disposer ARSS and ARSS-LD control panels. The sensor technology, another Salvajor exclusive, is capable of detecting the presence of the operator, saving water and energy while the operator is away.

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