Universal Griddle Rail

fmpFranklin Machine Products
Booth #1403

The Universal Griddle Rail adds much-needed workspace to a busy cook line. The rail easily attaches to the front of most 36-inch griddles to hold frequently used tools and food products within easy reach. It promotes a faster and more productive work area and avoids having to store things in inconvenient locations, eliminating the extra steps needed to retrieve them. The rail also reduces burn injury risks from reaching for items over hot griddles. It adjusts to fit most manufacturers and models and works with ninth-, sixth-, and third-size steamtable pans. It’s simple to install and remove for cleaning and is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel.

The MJ50 Masters Open-Pot Frying

Booth #3200

The MJ50 gas fryers are unsurpassed in versatility, controlled performance and low maintenance needs. The Master Jet burner system distributes heat evenly around the frypot for efficient exchange and quick recovery. They’re built standard with NEW EZSpark ignition, which is battery powered to make lighting the pilot as easy and safe as pushing a button. Heavy duty basket hangers and frypot covers are standard as well. Optional features include multiple frypot batteries, controller options and basket lifts. Cleaning requires no burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment and with built-in filtration and open-pot design, safe access is enabled to every inch of the frypot.

Quick Response Controller

Booth #2073

The Heatcraft Quick Response Controller is a factory-installed and tested control solution that provides automatic superheat and intelligent defrost control for refrigeration unit coolers. Utilizing innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, the Quick Response Controller delivers reliable operation and system performance while saving energy compared to traditional electro-mechanical refrigeration controls. It combines electronic expansion valves (EEVs), superheat control, defrost algorithms and fan cycling, resulting in faster temperature pull downs, stable operating temperatures and overall energy efficiency. A unit cooler equipped with the Quick Response Controller is one of the most complete, reliable and efficient controls solutions available in the market today.

One-Section Refrigerated Equipment Stand

Booth #3435

Hoshizaki CRES49 one-section refrigerated equipment stand helps chefs easily access cold, prepped foods. With a built-in heat shield, the stainless steel top features front-to-back marine edges for easy cleaning and 90-degree side edges for maximum top surface area. Drawer frames are made of heavy duty, 14-gauge stainless steel and accommodate 6-inch-deep pans for more storage capability. Pan rails include a unique finger cut-out design for quick and easy pan extraction; drawer slides have acetal rollers and drawer stops for smooth opening and closing. A standard solid-state digital controller, temperature alarms and LED display allow easy visibility to interior temperatures.

Lift-Off Adjustable Hinge

Kason 346-on-doorKason Industries
Booth #464

The Kason 1346 Performer Lift-Off Adjustable Hinge contains a strap that adjusts horizontally, providing door lift and rotation. This compensates for sag in the frame or mounting. The time-tested cam-rise technology assists closing and reduces gasket wear, even with irregular floors. The flange has a removable cap, allowing lift-off of door without removing hinges. Cover colors and/or patterns may be customized to suite your styling needs. This is an energy-saving device disguised as a versatile, durable, easily adjustable Performer Hinge from Kason. Our products will reduce energy bills in your walk-in coolers and freezers.

New, More Powerful Countertop Blender

kitchen-aidKitchenAid Commercial
Booth #2285

KitchenAid Commercial introduces the new, more powerful KSBC1B0 Series Countertop Blender, a tool for seriously inspired kitchens. Featuring a robust motor, die-cast metal construction and a patented Talon asymmetrical blade (patents issued and pending in the U.S.), it delivers the perfect mix of speed, strength and reliability. It can blend a 40-ounce pitcher of icy drinks in 22 seconds. It can help slice down prep time, too. User-friendly controls, which include an adjustable timer, help you work more efficiently and a detachable cord allows for easy storage.

Flexible, Mobile Kitchens To Go

kitchens-to-goKitchens To Go built by Carlin
Booth #1145

Kitchens To Go provides for lease or sale comprehensive mobile, modular and containerized commercial kitchens for planned renovation or expansion, new construction, special events or immediate needs such as disaster response and recovery. Short- and long-term solutions are available in a multitude of platforms. Foodservice providers requiring flexible facilities to continue or expand operations trust Kitchens To Go to guide complex projects. Our licensed architects, engineers and sales professionals partner with you to reduce downtime, costs and construction fatigue. In addition to cooking capacity, we can provide cold and frozen storage, warewashing, dining space, restroom and office facilities.

Authentic Artisan Gas- and Wood-Burning Deck Oven

marra-forniMarra Forni
Booth #4227

One of Marra Forni’s outstanding innovations is The Rotator, which is built brick by brick in the company’s Maryland facility from materials imported from Italy to create the most effective and efficient gas- and wood-burning oven on the market. The high-performance Rotator offers touchscreen technology and auto on/off. Its deck is made from authentic Italian refractory brick and will operate either in forward or reverse. The Rotator is available in single- and dual-burner models and offers customizable one-, two- or three-cycle rotations.

New M-iClean UM+ Dishwasher

Booth #4030

Through innovative design, the new M-iClean UM+ communicates with the kitchen staff in multiple ways. The M-iClean uses the color blue to indicate something in the machine that can be touched or used. Every item that should be handled or cleaned at the end of the shift is colored blue, such as the wash arms and filter. Going beyond the blue concept, the MEIKO M-iClean UM+ has an LED handle that lights up and can be seen from across the room, telling the staff where the dishwasher is in the washing cycle. This color-coded communication method transcends language barriers.

Precision Plus Plating Tongs

mercerMercer Culinary
Booth #1079

You’re in control with new Mercer Culinary Precision Plus Plating Tongs. These 18-8 stainless steel tongs have been carefully engineered for a perfect balance of tension, feel and control, allowing you to place the most delicate ingredients exactly where you want them. The lighter tension reduces hand fatigue and the unique cross-hatch grips on the exterior of the tongs provide improved stability. Multiple styles (straight, curved tip, fine point and offset) and sizes are available for almost any application.

Best-in-Class eikon e2s Convection/Microwave

Booth #3200

The eikon e2s from Merrychef is where innovative design meets cutting-edge technologies, a small footprint, high-speed convection/microwave oven. Inventive placement of the magnetrons and use of air-curtain techniques allow a narrow footprint and cool touch surfaces. Offering best-in-class results: speed, heat up and cool down times, energy efficiency, noise level, clean-ability and cavity-to-footprint ratio. It is available in classic Merrychef design or eikon e2s Trend, with color-coded exterior, soft edges and smallware storage on top. The eikon e2s is the ideal way to cook, toast, grill, bake and regenerate a wide range of fresh or frozen foods.

fes1701 NAFEM Cover3inNEW

Zoomba Group’s NAFEM Show Photo Contest

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. At the NAFEM Show, it could be worth a $500 gift card.

The Zoomba Group, publishers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine and restaurant development + design magazine, invite you to our NAFEM Show booth #1061 and get your picture on the cover. Not only will you immediately get a print and digital version of your picture, but by posting it on social media with the #MyFESMag or #MyrddMag, one lucky winner from each publication will win a $500 gift card.