Double-Stacked Convection Oven


Booth #1830

Moffat’s E33T5/2 Double Stacked convection oven is 24 inches wide with a total capacity for up to 10 half-size sheet pans delivering optimum capacity and outstanding performance with a small footprint. The E33T5/2 comes standard with a high-performance, two-speed bi-directional reversing fan for fast and efficient baking, cooking and holding capability. For increased precision, it features Touch Screen control, an icon-driven program menu, multiple-stage cooking and a USB port for easy menu uploads. A five-level moisture injection mode reduces food shrinkage and keeps even the most difficult dishes from drying out.

Enhanced, User-Friendly Undercounter Dishwasher

moyerMoyer Diebel US
Booth #2020

Moyer Diebel introduces the 383HT Undercounter, a high-temperature overflow type dishwashing machine with built-in booster heater. The 383HT is designed with enhanced features that simplify its operation. Special features include a new Fill Sentry device that ensures proper fill and rinse performances; Rinse Sentry technology that ensures 108 degrees F/82 degrees C final rinse temperature; and new Smart Display technology that provides digital temperature readouts along with cycle progress indicators. In addition, new Drain Sentry technology monitors and ensures proper draining and Auto Clean washes the chamber at shutdown.

Reinforced, High-Impact Keg Shelving

new-age-industrialNew Age Industrial
Booth #2064

New Age Industrial keg shelving is built to withstand the impact shock of dropped kegs. These shelves are extra reinforced for the added abuse associated with handling kegs. Unlike most wire shelving, these units have easy-to-clean flat surfaces that aid in the easy on and easy off of smaller heavy product. Approved for use in coolers, freezers, displays, as well as packaging and storage areas, these heavy-duty welded aluminum racks keep product organized and off the floor while providing adequate air flow. Shelving can be customized to meet your unique keg storage needs.

Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerators, Freezers

norlakeNor-Lake Inc.
Booth #2818

Nor-Lake Inc. is pleased to introduce the new, redesigned AdvantEDGE undercounter/worktable refrigerator and freezer line. The enhanced AdvantEDGE series features a new front-breathing design that allows cabinets to be enclosed on top, sides and back, freeing area workspace and offering zero-clearance installation. The undercounter/worktable series also includes a new condenser filter screen located in the rear of each cabinet that can be removed without tools for easy cleaning. Users simply pull the screen out, rinse with water and replace. The refrigeration systems have been redesigned for higher efficiency; all models meet 2017 Department of Energy requirements.

Self-Contained, Low-Height Back Bar Refrigeration

Booth #2059

Low-height refrigeration and dry storage is ideal for areas where space constraints don’t allow for standard-height cabinets. Perlick’s low-height back bar refrigeration solution is 29 inches high and allows for the option of including refrigeration or dry storage as part of an under-bar layout. Key features include stainless steel top, ends and interior; galvanized steel back and base; choice of white or blue LED light; left or right compressor location and door lock. ANSI/NSF#7-approved for open food storage. Remote refrigeration models include 2-, 3- and 4-door models; self-contained models include 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-door models.

Pre-Assembled, Ready-to-Operate Fiberglass Walk-Ins

polar-kingPolar King International
Booth #408

Polar King is the industry’s No. 1 manufacturer of outdoor fiberglass walk-in coolers and freezers. All units are delivered pre-wired, pre-assembled and ready to operate — no on-site assembly required. Our 100 percent seamless fiberglass design provides a continuous surface that keeps the insulated structure completely intact; free of moisture damage and bacteria formation. Plus, all of the interior corners are rounded to further ensure a sanitary environment. Far superior to conventional metal walk-in units, Polar King outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers come standard with a 10-year structural warranty, including the floor and roof.

New Frontier in Espresso Machine Design

rancillioRancilio Group
Booth #2022

Rancilio Group introduces the newest technology from EGRO. The EGRO BYO, or Bring Your Own, lets you use your own Android tablet as an external device to interact remotely with the machine. The ability to place the BYO screen anywhere near the machine allows for custom design solutions and the app-based technology offers upgrade possibilities, such as cloud-based recipe control, maintenance notifications and integration with business to consumer apps. EGRO BYO features a milk system that automatically prepares foam that is stable for more than 15; a self-adjusting grinder; and an automatic drink spout that adapts to the height of the beverage selected.

Advanced Dish Scrapping Equipment

salvajorThe Salvajor Company
Booth #2430

The Salvajor Company, the industry’s only manufacturer of advanced dish scrapping equipment more than 70 years, is pleased to announce that the Scrap Collector (S914), Pot/Pan Collector (P914), ScrapMaster (SM) and Pot/Pan ScrapMaster (PSM) product lines now come standard with patented operator sensing technology. In addition, the sensor technology will be available, as an add-on, for disposer ARSS and ARSS-LD control panels. The sensor technology, another Salvajor exclusive, is capable of detecting the presence of the operator, saving water and energy while the operator is away.

Self-Monitoring Ice Machines


scotsmanScotsman Ice Systems
Booth #2212

The Prodigy Plus line of self-monitoring ice machines from Scotsman Ice Systems builds on the proven Prodigy platform and delivers a number of customer-driven enhancements. Born from extensive market research and field testing, Prodigy Plus makes ice machines easy to service, easy to clean and easy to operate. Developed specifically to meet the demanding ice production needs of the foodservice, hospitality and convenience-store markets, Prodigy Plus provides peace of mind by delivering reliability and greater energy efficiency than ever before — all within a smaller operational footprint.

Server Expands EZ-Topper Line for a Fresher First Impression

serverServer Products Inc.
Booth #612

Now available in short, tall, single and twin configurations, Server EZ-Topper Pouched Topping Warmers utilize a pouch and fitment for a sealed, contaminant-free system that delivers up to 98 percent product evacuation and 97 percent less waste — better for the environment and your profits. Temperature-sensing thermostats keep toppings at peak flavor and prevent scorching, while stainless-steel pumps ensure years of trouble-free service. At Server, we believe doing the right thing is the right thing to do and our goal is to help you craft the freshest flavors all day long.

TruVapor Offers 3-in-1 Capability in a Small Footprint

Booth #1668

Southbend’s TruVapor is the most compact, tri-mode unit on the market. It allows operators to fully steam in the steam mode, bake in the convection oven mode and use it in combi mode so you are able to hold everything in the exact place that you’re going to be using it for meal service. With a footprint of just 27.3-by-36.1 inches, the TruVapor fits perfectly in any cooking line, where you can truly take advantage of its diverse features and performance.

fes1701 NAFEM Cover3inNEW

Zoomba Group’s NAFEM Show Photo Contest

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