R2200 Table Top Forming and Portioning Machine

hollymaticHollymatic Corp.

The self-feeding Model R2200 Table Top Forming and Portioning Machine is designed for small- to high-volume food processors. The compact unit forms products into a multitude of shapes and sizes. It has a variable speed production output rate of 2,200 portions per hour. 


R2U Commercial Food Processor

robot coupeRobot Coupe USA Inc.

The R2U food processor includes two attachments to perform a multitude of functions. The cutter bowl function creates creamy sauces and emulsions and performs various other chopping and mixing tasks. The vegetable preparation attachment allows for 23 different cuts. 


GPS10-S Portion Control Scale

globe scaleGlobe Food Equipment Co.

The GPS10-S stainless steel portion control scale’s components are protected from dust and liquids. With a 10-pound capacity and 4 weighing modes, the scale is accurate to within 1 gram. Constructed of food-grade stainless steel, it includes a removable platter with a marine edge.