Colored Advance Containers

Vitamix Blue Advance-Container SplashVitamix Corp.

Advance blender containers come in a variety of colors to promote food safety by reducing the potential for allergen cross-contact. Available colors include blue, orange, purple and yellow. Each container comes with a matching colored lid. www.vitamix.com

S Series Slicers

Globe-SG13A-SlicerGlobe Food Equipment Co.

The S Series slicer line features anodized aluminum construction. An indexing system enables consistent slice thickness adjustment up to 1 1/8 of an inch. A 13-inch hardened steel alloy knife blade provides tip-edge holding ability. The tilting carriage accommodates products up to 11 inches high, 8 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches wide. www.globefoodequip.com

PZ Series Wireless Ingredient Scales


PZ series wireless ingredient scales provide a wireless connection between the scale base and indicator. Features include a 14-inch-by-14-inch stainless-steel platform, 30- or 60-pound capacity and 1-inch-high LCD readout. A hands-free tare function allows removal of the tare weight without pushing a key. The scale runs on standard AA batteries. www.detecto.com

Hot Forged Shears and Scissors

Mercer-ShearsMercer Culinary

Hot forged shears and scissors incorporate a fine-toothed blade edge along with a precision cutting mechanism. The fulcrum is situated to reduce the cutting effort, per the manufacturer, while the fine-tipped blades perforate and guide the cut. Three models are available.


CKE-5 and CKE-8 Mixers

Sammic-food-processor-emulsifyer-cke-8SAMMIC Corp.

These mixers feature stainless steel removable bowls with cover designs that allow operators to add liquids while in operation. The mixers’ attachments also allow users to emulsify sauces.


Salad Spinners

Sammic-salad-spinner-es-200Sammic Corp.

Salad spinners dry lettuce and other vegetables in 1 to 3 minutes at 900 revolutions per minute, per the manufacturer. The system includes braked castors for additional stability during operation. Both 13- and 26-pound capacities are available.


Sealed Well Hot Food Tables

Advance-Tabco-SW-3E-120-HI-ResAdvance Tabco

Available in three sizes, Sealed Well Hot Food Tables come with an adjustable undershelf, enclosed base or enclosed base with sliding doors. All have stainless steel bodies, tops and linings. Fiberglass insulation between each component helps maintain proper temperatures. Other standard features include recessed control knobs and indicator lights.


DL Series Integral Printer Price Computing Scales


The DL series networkable price computing scales with integral label printers offer legal-for-trade weighing for delis, supermarkets and convenience stores. The scales feature 5,900 PLUs; 2MB memory; 4 ports, including USB, Ethernet, RS232 serial and cash drawer; and alphanumeric displays.


Hi-Yield 16-5000 Saw

Holymatic-Meat-SawHollymatic Corp.

The Hi-Yield 16-5000 Saw provides high-speed, high-yield use for fresh and frozen meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. A Quick-Stop Brake halts the blade within one second of shut-off or opening of the interlocked doors to reduce the risk of injury. Double-flanged stainless steel wheels are standard. Swing-open tables provide easy access for cleaning.


Chef Cutting Board Riser

LakesideLakeside Manufacturing Inc.

A stainless steel Chef Cutting Board Riser overcomes lower counter surfaces by elevating cutting boards to encourage chefs’ good posture and reduce back strain. The top surface accommodates standard 18-by-24-inch cutting boards. A lower compartment can store a waste bin, prepared food tray or spare cutting board.


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