Induction Plancha/Griddles


Induction plancha/griddles reach 500 degrees F in 2 minutes, per the manufacturer. Recovery is instantaneous, since the custom griddle plate does not need to store heat like a traditional plancha/griddle, per the manufacturer. Two zones permit cooking at different temperatures on the same surface without flavor transfer.


EFI-UB Grease Interceptor

FlameGardHotSideLEDFlame Gard

The Grease Interceptor continually collects grease and channels waste water through the duct system during hood/duct cleaning. This prevents grease and harmful cleaning chemicals from entering the sanitary or ground water systems.


Rapide Cuisine Induction Range

HATCO-InductionHatco Corp.

The Rapide Cuisine Induction Range provides portable use in cooking and prep areas as well as buffet lines and front-of-the-house applications. Constructed of black ceramic glass, the unit uses a Magnetic Power System (MPS) and includes an automatic shut-off feature that can reduce energy consumption and prevent overheating.


Gear Lamp

Hollowick-GearHollowick Inc.

A vintage metal Gear Lamp has a weathered metal texture that gives the unit the appearance of being fashioned from Steam Punk spare parts. The unit holds 36-hour liquid wax disposable fuel cells and can serve as a heavy-duty table lighting source.


Hi-Yield 16-5000 Saw

Holymatic-Meat-SawHollymatic Corp.

The Hi-Yield 16-5000 Saw provides high-speed, high-yield use for fresh and frozen meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. A Quick-Stop Brake halts the blade within one second of shut-off or opening of the interlocked doors to reduce the risk of injury. Double-flanged stainless steel wheels are standard. Swing-open tables provide easy access for cleaning.


Refrigerated Undercounters and Worktops

Hoshizaki-CRES110-1800x1200Hoshizaki America Inc.

Single section 36-inch-wide refrigerated undercounters and worktops are constructed of stainless steel exteriors as well as stainless steel interior walls and floors. The units include standard field reversible doors. Undercounter and worktops are Energy Star qualified.


Chef Cutting Board Riser

LakesideLakeside Manufacturing Inc.

A stainless steel Chef Cutting Board Riser overcomes lower counter surfaces by elevating cutting boards to encourage chefs’ good posture and reduce back strain. The top surface accommodates standard 18-by-24-inch cutting boards. A lower compartment can store a waste bin, prepared food tray or spare cutting board.


Color-Coded Foodservice System

Rubbermaid-Commercial-ProductsRubbermaid Commercial Products

Color-Coded Foodservice Systems are a food prep and storage system designed to help reduce foodborne illness and cross-contamination. The line includes cutting boards, a cutting board rack, tongs, high-heat spatulas, and both square and round containers with lids. Seven color options exist.


CA 301

Sammic-vegetable-preparation-machine-ca-301Sammic LLC

The CA 301 vegetable prep machine shreds cheese and dices tomatoes without releasing excess juice, according to the manufacturer. The ergonomic design allows product to be cut in one movement. The removable lever and lid makes cleaning easier.


Silicone Protective Sleeve

Tomlinson-Silicone-Faucet-SleeveTomlinson Industries

Silicone protective sleeves for S-series faucets utilizing 1-2S and 1-2SF bodies help prevent accidental burns from the faucet body while dispensing hot liquids, such as boiling water. Sleeves are made of NSF-approved silicone and feature a one-piece slip-on construction. This line reduces surface temperatures of faucet bodies by 30 degrees F, while increasing internal temperature by 13 degrees F.