Water Coolers and Fountains with Copper Touch Points

oasis copper surfaces pr image 8.9.17Oasis International

Antimicrobial copper touch points on water coolers and fountains will not wash or wear away. This helps keep dangerous bacteria, such as MRSA and E. coli, at bay.


Knit Dinnerware Collection

oneida lancastergarden 3 4x6Onedia Foodservice

Knit Dinnerware combines a warm white with tea-stained nuances. The china comes in a variety of shapes, including coupe and oval plates, oval and low bowls, a coffee cup and mugs. 


Heavy-Duty Column Wine Refrigerator

perlick winecolumnrefrigeration 091117Perlick Corp.

This Heavy-Duty Column Wine Refrigerator is 7 feet tall with a 24-inch-by-24-inch footprint. It stores up to 99 bottles on adjustable shelves that can angle up or lay flat. Triple-pane, Low-E bronze-tinted glass blocks UV light. Interior LED lighting is blue and white. Stainless steel or wood overlay door finishes are available. 


Unlimited Induction Range

spring sm 300cr unlimited induction rangeSpring USA Corp.

The Unlimited Induction Range reads multiple pans, regardless of their placement on the unit. A power receptacle is in the back, and five units can be daisy-chained into one 15-amp circuit. Each unit uses 2.5 amps and 300 watts. Removable controls allow for countertop or built-in applications.


Prerinse Units

t&s brassT&S Brass and Bronze Works

An updated line of prerinse units brings a more modern appearance to kitchens. The B-5100 prerinse unit line’s 18 models reflect the work board faucet’s updated design. This includes redesigned indexes, bonnets and handles. Wall- and deck-mount models are available. 


Mobile Automated Waste Cart Lifter

toter lifterToter

The 3069-MT-2000 mobile automated waste cart lifter fits through a standard 32-inch door frame. Featuring four 6-inch swivel casters for added stability, the lifter weighs 550 pounds and has a load rating of 350 pounds. It is compatible for use with an ANSI standard 32-, 48- or 96-gallon caster or two-wheel carts. 


VE Series Electric Braising Pans

vulcan 2 braising pan ve40 fb ql wliduppanVulcan

The VE Series Electric Braising Pans are held securely and folded down when not in use with retractable receiving pan support. Cooking surfaces include embossed gallon and liter markings for clear capacity measurement.