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Rotisseries: Cleaning and Maintainence

Here, Bruce Hodge, president of General Parts & Service, Bloomington, Minn., provides insight into extending the service life of rotisseries.

Clamshell Griddles: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Clamshell griddles, also commonly referred to as double-sided grills, have become critical to the foodservice industry, in part because they help operators expand their menus. Foodservice operators can choose from small tabletop panini grills to larger high-production floor models. These come in all shapes and sizes, are available in gas or electric, and have various cooking surfaces from stainless steel to glass ceramic.

Product Knowledge Guide: Clamshell Griddles

Clamshell griddles simultaneously cook food on both sides, making this equipment a popular back-of-house option for high-volume foodservice operations since it can cut cooking time by more than 50 percent.

Consultant Q&A with James Camacho, president, Camacho, Atlanta

FE&S: What is a big factor in deciding on a rotisserie purchase?

JC: It not only is dependent on the menu, but another consideration is if the unit will be used strictly for merchandising or also for preparing and cooking product. If the oven is designated for merchandising, it can also cook items, but if it’s more just for displaying food, a different type of unit will be needed. This would most likely have open spits, a taller profile, and chains or pulleys to better show off the food.

Product Knowledge Guide: Rotisseries

One of the biggest benefits of rotisseries is that customers can see product cooking, which promotes the theater experience and may help increase revenue.

Service Agent Q&A with Marcin Zmiejko, associate principal at WC&P, Denver

FE&S: What applications are best for clamshell griddles?

MZ: I would describe this equipment as an enhanced flattop griddle. Clamshells cook food, rather than just heat or melt it. It has really been embraced by the market and is best for traditional scratch cooking. Operators most often use this equipment for burgers. Upgraded models have a top component that puts weight on the burger patty, and the top platen has heat, so both sides cook simultaneously. These units are very effective and have particularly been embraced by schools. Clamshell griddles also can cook chicken, turkey or salmon patties; vegetables; and steak as well as melt cheese and serve as a component for breakfast menus with pancakes.

Product Knowledge Guide: Wood-Fired Ovens

Wood-fired ovens come in many different configurations to meet a variety of production requirements.

Consultant Q&A on Wood-Fired Ovens

Consultant Q&A with Dan Bendall, principal at FoodStrategy, Inc., Rockville, Md.

Cleaning and Maintaining Wood-Fired Ovens

Wood-burning ovens, like other solid fuel-burning units, are easy to maintain and operate, their maintenance and upkeep differs from most other appliances. These units do not contain many parts that fail or wear out, but improper cleaning causes most problems.

Braising Pans: Features and Capabilities

The ability of braising pans to provide precise heating capabilities for various production-related tasks makes them one of the most versatile pieces of commercial kitchen equipment available. These units can function as a griddle, kettle, oven, fryer, steamer, braiser or warming unit to handle almost any task. This includes braising or roasting meats; preparing soup stock; cooking stew; cooking breakfast items like eggs, sausage, bacon and pancakes; sauteing fish; and steaming vegetables.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Braising Pan

Braising pans are essentially griddles with watertight sides that tilt for easy draining. Foodservice operators can use these units as griddles, but braising pans can perform a variety of other tasks, including boiling, sauteing, steaming and braising. One of the newest innovations is a pressurized braising pan, which works like a steamer for high production in a short amount of time. Since these units can accommodate almost any cooking need, having one is akin to having a kitchen full of different types of cooking units.

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