Cooking Equipment

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Product Knowledge Guide: Fryers

While preparing chicken and fries represents the most common application for a fryer, operators can use this piece of cooking equipment for such menu items as fish and vegetables. The type of foodservice operation and menu will determine whether an economy model or pricier high efficiency fryer represents the most suitable selection.

Small Steel-Jacketed Kettles Take Center Stage in New Los Angeles Restaurant

A new restaurant concept in Los Angeles’ historic Grand Central Market features an open kitchen and small steel-jacketed kettles that Chef Mark Peel uses to prepare a focused menu.

Service Tips: Deck ovens

Deck ovens are the workhorses in many pizza places, bakeries and more.

Product Knowledge Guide: Convection Ovens

Speed and consistency are hallmarks of an efficient foodservice operation. Convection ovens help operators achieve these goals by evenly cooking food items utilizing a fan that circulates dry heat. This provides more uniform results in less time compared with a conventional oven. Cooking temperatures in these units are decreased by about 30 percent or more.

Product Knowledge Guide: Microwaves

Commercial microwave ovens are held to higher testing standards than the residential types because they function more frequently and in harsher kitchen environments. These units also adhere to UL and NSF safety standards that are recognized by health inspectors and insurance companies, allowing operators to avoid liability claims and inspection violations when installing a commercial microwave oven. Microwaves are typically one of the most underspecified pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens due to the stigma of being considered a tool for only reheating.

Product Knowledge Guide: Steam-Jacketed Kettles

Steam-jacketed kettles can be energy savers in commercial kitchens, since these units heat up faster and at lower temperatures than stock pots on range burners. This results in a more efficient method of cooking soup, stocks and sauces, with less chance of scorching the product.

Service Tips: Griddles

Whether you call them griddles or flattops, these units are one of the workhorses of the commercial kitchen.

Spec Check: Griddles

Culinary staff use griddles to prepare menu items that span all day parts. Griddles are one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens.

Spec Check: Combi Ovens

As their name implies, combination ovens can employ various cooking modes.

Spec Check: Hot Food Holding Cabinets

Hot food holding cabinets hold food safely for long periods of time, utilizing technology that helps retain food quality.

Spec Check: Pizza Ovens

Although operators most commonly use pizza ovens to prepare pies, they can also use this versatile piece of equipment to cook other foods, including seafood, meat and poultry. Pizza ovens are designed to withstand higher temperatures than standard ovens.