Serving Equipment

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Product Knowledge Guide: Serving/Buffet

Foodservice operators typically use serving/buffet equipment in cafeteria-style, self-service applications or in front-of-house made-to-order applications. For this reason, it’s common in schools, casinos, military operations and corporate feeding as well as restaurants and hospitals.

What to Consider When Purchasing Serving/Buffet Equipment

There can be many aspects to serving/buffet equipment, depending on the application and design. Operators need to consider the aesthetics of the front of the house as well as back of the house support to ensure menu flexibilities are accommodated.

Service Agent Q&A with Matthew Evans, vice president, AIS Commercial Parts & Service Inc., Pittsburgh

FE&S: What is a typical cleaning schedule for serving/buffet equipment?

When to Replace: Beverage Dispensers

A primer on maintaining and replacing beverage dispensers. 

Spec Check: Beverage Dispensers

Just as there is seemingly an endless variety of beverage types, a wide range of dispensers are available to meet the needs of foodservice operators.

Spec Check: Coffee Makers

Coffee brewers provide a beverage service that is essential to foodservice operations.

Beverage Dispensers

The large and diverse beverage dispenser product category encompasses a variety of equipment for many types of drinks. In the area of carbonated beverages, foodservice operators can choose from multiple categories and equipment platforms. Ice/beverage combination units and ice/beverage countertop equipment represent the most common equipment operators use.

Spec Check: Ice Cream Machines

Soft-serve machines can dispense ice cream, frozen custard, sorbets and frozen yogurt. This equipment is common in frozen yogurt shops, ice cream stands, cafeterias, delicatessens, bakery/cafes, and quick-service restaurants to name a few.