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Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Roll-in Refrigerators

Although regularly cleaning the condenser can help extend the service life of roll-in refrigerators, operators and trained service professionals do need to provide other basic maintenance requirements.

THE Quarterly Product Knowledge Guide: Roll-in Refrigerators

A roll-in refrigerator, part of the reach-in category, allows operators to wheel in racks that contain pans of food. Roll-in refrigerators and freezers can store a variety of perishable food, including meat, produce, eggs, dairy products and condiments. These units are typically utilized for prep-line storage.

Consultant Q&A: AJ Barker, group chef, Belltown Hospitality Group, Seattle

FE&S: What is the main factor or feature to consider when purchasing a roll-in refrigerator?

AB: The whole program and workflow process comes into play. Operators think this equipment is great but have to keep in mind that they’re changing the flow of a restaurant when adding roll-in refrigeration. It changes how prepping and holding are accomplished.

THE Quarterly Product Knowledge Guide: Remote Ice Machines

Ice machines work by extracting heat from an evaporator plate and expelling it from the unit. Typically, air-cooled systems pump the heat out of the box into the kitchen, where it is cooled by air conditioning. Normally, when an operation needs to produce 1,000 pounds of ice or more per day, it is recommended that a remote ice machine be employed.

Cleaning & Maintaining Remote Ice Machines

A common misconception is that if a remote ice machine is working, it does not need maintenance. This is not the case.

Consultant Q&A with Marcin Zmiejko, associate principal at WC&P, Denver

FE&S: What is the main consideration when purchasing a slush/smoothie machine?

MZ: The menu is important since there are many different offerings. The preparation method, whether the beverage will be made from scratch or with mixes, and the amount of volume is also important. If there is high demand for these products, multiple machines with smoothie flavors already added are best. Also, the units that offer a base with Italian shaved ice with flavor added afterwards provide added flexibility since flavors can be added as often as needed to the base ice. Also, these units have refrigeration included.

Product Knowledge Guide: Ice Cream/Gelato Freezers

Ice cream and gelato equipment includes batch freezers, which produce, freeze and dispense these desserts, as well as dipping cabinets, designed for displaying and serving frozen desserts.

Product Knowledge Guide: Slush/Smoothie Machines

Slush/smoothie machines have become more popular as an increasing number of operators recognize the profit potential of these beverages. Machines for creating smoothies and blended coffee beverages are now common in quick-service restaurants, while slushies remain a fixture in convenience stores.

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