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Cleaning and Maintenance of Frozen Beverage Dispensers Q&A: Dan Varnes

Cleaning and Maintenance Q&A: Dan Varnes, service agent, CCSE, Knoxville, Tenn.

Product Knowledge Guide: Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations with Food Wells

Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations with Food Wells

Food Wells Q&A: Marcin Zmiejko

Consultant Q&A: Marcin Zmiejko, senior associate, William Caruso & Associates, Denver

Blast Chiller Q&A: Len Bundy

Consultant Q&A: Len Bundy, owner, Bundy FS Associates, Everett, Wash.

Product Knowledge Guide: Frozen Beverage Dispensers

The frozen beverage dispensers category continues to grow — and with good reason. Restaurant and bar operators keep expanding their menu of frozen beverages due to the large profit margins these products can produce.

Product Knowledge Guide: Food Wells

Long a staple piece of equipment for operators of all shapes and sizes, food wells keep menu items hot or cold, depending on the unit and application. Foodservice operators can use these units in either the back or front of house.

Product Knowledge Guide: Blast Chillers

Foodservice operators most commonly use blast chillers to chill food prior to storing it as part of a cook-chill process. By halting the cooking cycle, blast chilling helps retain food quality, appearance, nutritional value and flavor.

Product Knowledge Guide: Beer Dispensing Equipment

While draft beer has been a constant fixture at most bars and restaurants, the craft beer renaissance is placing a greater emphasis on this equipment.

Product Knowledge Guide: Refrigerated Display Cases

The popularity of grab-and-go items has more foodservice operators looking to refrigerated display cases to help meet customer demand. This equipment includes enclosed and open displays designed for bakery, deli and packaged food applications. A variety of operators, including restaurants, schools, businesses and airports, use refrigerated display cases.

Product Knowledge Guide: Shelving

The basic design of commercial shelving used in the foodservice industry has essentially remained unchanged since the mid 1960s. This consists of round posts and a wire-based system.

Spec Check: Undercounter Refrigeration Units

For operators seeking to save space while creating convenient cold storage options, undercounter refrigeration represents a viable alternative for preparation and cooking lines. Also known as a lowboy, this equipment’s smaller size makes it suitable for kitchens with smaller footprints or for operators looking to keep valuable worktop space clear.