Specifying Tips for Glassware

While operators may have a good sense of glassware styles needed for their business, there are a number of factors impacting the specifying process.

First, it’s important for operators to consider the nature of their establishment and its beverage sales mix. Is it a fine-dining or a casual restaurant? Is wine sold in greater volume than beer? Are there several varietals of wine that would require an assortment of stemware? Are there different types of craft beer that would necessitate a variety of styles of beer glasses?

It also is important for operators to determine what aspect of glassware is most important to them, such as durability, look/aesthetic or price, and the quantity needed.

When specifying glassware, it’s important to ask a few key questions to ensure the selection of those items that meet the needs of the establishment.

The most important questions to ask include:

  • What is the beverage sales mix?
  • What is the biggest problem that needs solving
    or the greatest opportunity regarding the
    beverage presentation?
  • What is most important? This could be design,
    durability, price or form versus function.
  • What measures are being taken to control pour and maximize profit per serving?
  • How can the glassware help differentiate the
    operation from its competition?
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