Year Winner Company
2019 Nick Cribb SAM Service
2018 Glenn Clark Jr. Clark Service Group Inc.
2017 Paul Toukatly Duffy's Equipment Service
2016 Steve Sliter and Jeff Sliter Commercial Parts and Service (CPS)
2015 Gary Petitti Gary's East Coast Service
2014 Gary Potvin Pine Tree Food Equipment
2013 Brock W. Coleman Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service
2012 Mark LaBerte ATECH
2011 Dan Farmer Commercial Parts & Service
2010 John Schwindt Hawkins Commercial Appliance Service
2009 Wayne Stoutner Appliance Installation & Service Corp
2008 John Swanson Bildon Parts & Service
2007 John Sappo Daubers, Inc
2006 Roger Kauffman EMR, Service Division
2005 Anthony Rapanotti AR Repairs Baker's Kneads, Inc
2004 Tom Walter Nass Parts & Service
2003 Scott Hester