Young Lions are award-worthy personalities in various segments of the foodservice equipment and supplies channel with a single common trait: an unflinching ability to provide value on the customer’s terms.

In 2003 FE&S renamed its Young Lions Award to the present day Top Achiever Award.

Year Winner Company
2002 Tom Romano Romano Gatland
2002 Jim Hanson Best Restaurant
2002 Kelly McArthur Kain-McArthur
2002 Bruce Peeling EMR, Co.
2001 Michael Schatz The Restaurant Source
2001 Ken Schwartz SSA, Inc
2001 George LeCavalier Engster Marketing
2001 Todd Maxwell Goodwin Tucker Group
2000 Mike Palm Palm Brothers
2000 David Olson Thomas Ricca Associates
2000 Eric Starliper Starliper & Associates
2000 Bernie Harris Authorized Commercial Service
1999 Eric Boelter The Boelter Companies
1999 Dan Miles The Miles Group
1999 Tina Reese Commercial Appliance Services
1999 Jim Webb Webb Design
1998 Fred Singer Singer Equipment Co
1998 David Viola Jr Viola Marketing Group
1998 Sharon Barasch Certified Service Center
1998 L. Daniel Bendall Cini Little International
1998 Neal Asbury Asbury Worldwide
1997 Jill Rontkopf Economy Restaurant Fixtures
1997 Claudia Scotty Ricca Planning Studio
1997 Robert Moccia Jr. Moccia Enterprises
1997 Bruce Hodge General Parts
1996 Jim Birchfield Jr. Birchfield Food Systems
1996 Darrell Mayne Metro Appliance Service
1996 Stephen McGarry Paramount Restaurant Supply
1996 Elise Roberts L.F. Hadley & Associates
1995 Ron Canestro Appliance Installation & Service Corp
1995 Kim Gill-Rimsza Gill Group
1995 Alan Squire Squire Associates
1995 James Sukenick The Baker Group
1994 Chris Brady Romano Gatland
1994 Dale Campbell Barkers Food Machine Equipment
1994 Craig Hodges Food Equipment Reps
1994 Lee Manders Advanced Fixture & Supply
1993 Jim Petersen Cii Foodservice Design
1993 Lex Poulos Poulos & Associates
1993 Nathan Poulos Poulos & Associates
1993 Hal Slotnick Holyke Equipment Company
1993 Wes Tyler GCS Services Inc
1992 Richard Abernathy Sun Marketing Agents
1992 Lee Eichenauer Eichenauer Associates
1992 Tom Eichenauer Eichenauer Associates
1992 Harold Gernsbacher Gernsbachers, Inc
1992 Kathleen Seelye Thomas Ricca Associates
1991 John Bridgins Bridgins & Associates
1991 Jeff Brown Jeffrey Brown & Associates
1991 Jean Choquette Choquettte-CKS Inc
1991 Mike Curtis Curtis Restaurant Equipment
1990 Gary Hammer Hammer Design Associates
1990 Jay Lawson Burlis-Lawson Group
1990 Brad Parker ARR/CRS Inc.
1990 Bobby Watson Jr. Watson Foodservice
1989 Robert Barasch Certified Service Center
1989 William Caruso William Caruso Associates
1989 Jeffrey Grandy St. Cloud Restaurant Supply
1989 David Johnson Raleigh Johnson Company
1989 Raleigh Johnson III Raleigh Johnson Company
1988 Greg Fisher Fisher Group
1988 Gary Licht Jacob Licht Inc
1988 Harry Schildkraut Cini-Little International
1988 Larry Sumners Sterling Restaurant Equipment Service
1987 Danny Lane Moccia-Lane Associates
1987 Gary Leabman Peerless Restaurant Supply
1987 Steve Marshall Marshall Associates
1987 Barton Tyler GCS Service
1986 George Tobia Birmingham Restaurant Supply
1986 Roger Martin Stove Parts Supply Co
1986 Edward Parman Fred Schmid Associates
1986 Tim Simmons The Wallin Group
1986 Jihm Landry The Wallin Group
1986 Da LaGraize The Wallin Group
1985 Ida Pick Allied Restaurant Supply
1985 Gary Allen Commercial Parts & Service
1985 Michael Colburn Michaels & Colburn Associates
1985 Mark Schmid Schmid, Dewland & Wright Associates
1984 Tom Ricca Thomas Ricca Associates
1984 Jack Mervis Ford Restaurant Supply
1984 Bill Davis Davis & Wilbers
1984 Gary Wilbers Davis & Wilbers