Hard working. Dedicated. Passionate. Driven to succeed. While any one of these traits apply to countless foodservice professionals, collectively they serve as the cornerstones of success for FE&S’ 2014 Top Achievers.

Top-Achievers-2014Over the course of the next few pages you will learn how these four foodservice professionals continue to blaze their own career paths en route to building lasting business relationships based on providing value and establishing trust.

Never content to rest on their laurels, our Top Achievers continue to look for new ways to propel their businesses forward.They have all heeded the call to assist the industry by volunteering their time and expertise in countless ways and, in doing so, raised the overall level of professionalism for the foodservice industry.

2014 Top Achiever – Dealer 2014: Drew O'Quinn

2014 Top Achiever – Consultant: Kristin Sedej, FCSI

2014 Top Achiever – Manufacturers’ Rep: Chris Folz

2014 Top Achiever-Service Agent: Gary Potvin