When it comes to measuring an individual’s success, there is no shortage of metrics one can use. Certainly the easiest way to quantify the success of a foodservice professional would be through the amount of revenue generated or customers served. While those are solid indicators, so many other factors contribute.

Truly successful foodservice professionals develop businesses that are progressive in their management approach, work fairly and in good faith with their customers and channel partners alike, and give back to the industry segments they serve.

ASuch is the case with our 2010 class of Top Achievers. To quantify the success of these four leaders by simply adding the dollars and cents and counting up the customers would not come close to a sum of their individual and collective efforts.

Our top achievers excel at continuing their professional education and skill-building and anticipating customers' needs to keep sales growing. As a result, our top achievers’ collective legacy will be as business leaders who helped build market-responsive organizations that provide the maximum number of profitable products and services.

That’s why it is our pleasure to present FE&S’ 2010 Top Achievers.

  • Dealer: Marc Tell, President and CEO, The Sam Tell Companies, Farmingdale, N.Y.
  • Consultant: James Camacho, President, Camacho Associates, Atlanta
  • Service Agent: John Schwindt, Vice President of Operations, Hawkins Commercial Appliance Service, Englewood, Colo.
  • Rep: Carl Boutilier, President, Mirkovich & Associates, Lombard, Ill.