Social worker. Wine distributor. Musician. Restaurant manager. Our 2012 Top Achievers all followed different career paths but they all led to the same place: the top of the foodservice industry. In fact, one trait our four Top Achievers share is an innate ability to use their previous experiences, many from outside the foodservice industry, and lessons learned to help shape the success they enjoy today.

Our Top Achievers' ability to ask questions, embrace technology, adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and take risks allows them to continue to earn the trust and respect of their customers and supply chain partners on a transaction by transaction basis.

Probably the most enduring legacy of this group of Top Achievers is their ability to define value on their customers' terms while never compromising the integrity or profitability of their own organizations. As a result, our Top Achievers raise the level of professionalism not only for their organizations but for the foodservice industry at-large.

Top Achiever-Consultant: Karen Malody

Top Achiever-Dealer: Mark Rossi

Top Achiever-Manufacturers Rep: Joe McDonald

Top Achiever-Service Agent: Mark LeBerte