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PROFITALITY LOGOIn Foodservice by Design, team members from PROFITALITY, an industrial engineering consulting company that helps multi-unit retail and foodservice brands optimize their investment to support brand growth, discuss how industrial engineering can be applied to the foodservice industry.

Is Cleanliness the Next Foodservice Culture Shift?

For most people, the phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness,” represents a mantra they have heard at some point in their lives, aimed at ensuring children wash behind the ears or keep their rooms organized. For today’s foodservice operators in the COVID-19 era, though, the phrase should be retooled to “cleanliness or closed down.”

Post-COVID Implications for Restaurant Design

Let’s face it: we really do not know how this crisis will play out, and therefore the implications to restaurant design remain just as uncertain. As such, the impact on restaurant design will remain a moving target for the foreseeable future.

Labor Staffing in the Pandemic

It is amazing how fast the issues surrounding labor in foodservice have changed.

How to Endure the Off-Premises Boom

Coronavirus does not discriminate. It will infect anyone and the steps to curb the spread of the infection continues to impact all businesses. The restaurant industry remains among the business segments hardest hit by this pandemic yet not all restaurants appear to feel the impact as badly as others.

What is the Best Facility Growth Vehicle Nowadays?

For such a mature business segment, the restaurant industry continues to go through some dramatic developments. For example, in the not so distant past, consumers who wanted food prepared outside of the home had to visit any one of variety of restaurant locations: freestanding, in-line, universities, food courts, etc. And for those who wanted restaurant-quality cuisine delivered to their home or office, they usually had two choices: pizza or Chinese food.

Keep Foodservice Design Simple, Silly

The Foodservice industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, as it has been for the last 5 to 10 years. From companies trying robotics and other forms of automation, to well-established chains trying to branch out into new areas (e.g. delivery, adding alcohol, etc.), these forms of rapid restaurant evolution sometimes drive the need to develop ground-breaking solutions to complex problems that may arise.

Predicting 2020 Design Considerations-What Will This Year Bring?

While wrapping the year in my home office, I came across an article that offered a few restaurant design predictions for 2020. While the piece showed some very interesting visual designs, most meant more for upscale applications and perhaps one-off locations, this article made me begin to wonder about how Industrial Engineering in Foodservice will impact restaurant design in 2020.

Convenience Counts in Foodservice Design

Today’s consumers are more time-starved than ever. And they also crave restaurant-quality food when and where they want it – even from the comfort of their living room couch at times! This phenomenon has restaurant operators developing apps, partnering with third-party delivery firms, and more, all to remain not only relevant, but convenient in the eyes of the customer.

Tour the Trends Knocks It Out of the Park

FCSI member Juan Martinez of Profitality recaps FE&S’ Tour the Trends event, which featured stops in Wrigley Field, Hotel Zachary, Maddon’s Post, Big Star and Mordecai.