This Week in Foodservice

jStieglerJerry StieglerThis Week in Foodservice provides a high-level summary of the economic data, financial news, menu updates and numerous other statistical packages and developments that impact foodservice operators, consultants, dealers, manufacturers, reps and service agents. In his weekly blog, Jerry Stiegler aggregates key industry data through his infamous Green Sheet and provides some brief analysis that will help foodservice professionals navigate the information. Jerry is a long-time member of the foodservice industry, whose experience includes working for Restaurants & Institutions magazine and FE&S.

Foodservice Media Coverage and Manufacturing Sector Shows Signs of Recovery

Despite the May sales increase at foodservice and drinking places, the restaurant industry faces a long road back. Surveys show manufacturing sector is picking up, and Foodservice receives more media coverage. McDonald’s results show the complexity of ever-changing industry dynamics.

The Food Delivery Consolidation Saga Continues

Delivering restaurant food doesn’t seem to be high tech nor exciting nor financially spectacular. Despite this, almost overnight some investors became infatuated with food delivery, something pizza and Chinese restaurants had been doing for decades.

The National Restaurant Association Publishes a Guide to Restaurant Reopening

Like so many of his fellow restaurateurs, Cameron Mitchell was forced to close his operations to comply with government stay at home orders aimed to slow the spread of COVID-19. In Mitchell’s case this meant closing 36 restaurants and laying off 4,500 employees.