FE&SDealer of the Year and All Industry Awards Gala celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel-Chicago on May 18th is shaping up to be a special one. Of course, every year is special to us and made even more so as we reflect on the roster of past winners. This year will be extraordinary, because the 2019 DOY, TriMark USA, is made up of so many — five to be exact — past winners.

There are three key ways to build a dominant company in any industry. It can happen through organic growth, through market disruption and/or through consolidation. Here at FE&S, we have never shied away from recognizing great companies in the first two categories, however, with this selection, we are recognizing a company that displays elements of all three.

The consolidation route offers a whole set of unique challenges, along with the obvious advantage of controlling greater market share. I hope that you enjoy reading Dana Tanyeri’s in-depth look at TriMark USA’s journey in the May issue of FE&S. That journey led TriMark USA to becoming the largest dealer in foodservice equipment and supplies, with annual sales approaching $2 billion.

We are also thrilled to honor Julaine Keihn of the University of Missouri at our Dealer of the Year and All Industry Awards Gala as the recipient of the 2019 Hall of Fame Award. I have had the good fortune to know Julaine for many years, and I know her to be a tireless advocate for the professional advancement of the noncommercial foodservice industry. As a past president and longtime active member of The National Association of College and University Food Services, and as a mentor to many current and future industry leaders, Julaine’s distinguished career made her richly deserving of this award. Her full story will appear in FE&S in the April issue.