Foodservice Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Foodservice Equipment Repair & Maintenance offers care and maintenance tips for foodservice equipment to help foodservice professionals extend the service life of equipment as well as guidelines for disposing and replacing units.

Service Tips: Combi Ovens

A good combi oven can easily cost an operator tens of thousands of dollars. That sort of investment is worth protecting with regular care, cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few tips to keeping combis up and running.

Service Tips: Range Tops/Ovens

Range/oven combinations are found in many operations, and staff use them for everything from cooking bacon, making baked goods, producing soups and sauces, and sauteing proteins and pasta. Here are a few tips to keeping your range/oven in good working order.

  • Keep an eye out for cracks in the burners. These can impact the performance of the unit.
  • Keep burners clean and clear or debris. Don’t, however, wrap burner grates in foil to keep them clean. Doing so can interrupt the air flow the burner relies on.
  • If a range is combined with an oven or refrigerated base, be sure to treat the door below well. No slamming or standing on the door, as these acts can damage hinges and gaskets.
  • Clean range tops regularly, as the grease and debris from these units can build up quickly. Be sure to use a cleaner approved by the equipment manufacturer. The wrong cleaner can scuff or damage your unit.

Service Tips: Conveyor Ovens

While they’re best known for cooking pizzas, operators can also use conveyor ovens to produce breadsticks, baked goods and even proteins like chicken breasts and hamburger patties. Here are a few tips to keeping conveyor ovens in good working order.

Service Tips: Chef Bases

While chef bases don’t grab your attention like a chargrill or fryer, they play a key role in food production in many kitchens. Points of failure on these units include standard refrigeration components to drawers and doors. Here are some tips to keeping these pieces up and running.

Design Display Kitchens with Service in Mind

Operators create display kitchens to add a sense of excitement and theater to their restaurants. At the same time, these spaces need to be efficient. When building a display kitchen, it’s important for operators to keep one more factor, service, in mind.

Common Questions to Ask When Specifying Ventless Equipment

Like all types of foodservice equipment, determining whether ventless items are right for a specific application requires asking the right questions. Here a collection of seasoned foodservice professionals share a few questions — and answers — they commonly ask when trying to determine whether ventless equipment is right for a given project.

Communication is Key for Equipment Startup

Getting new kitchen equipment up and running is no small task. It can involve operators, dealers, service agencies, skilled trades and general contractors. With so many parties, it’s easy for missteps to occur when attempting to start up a new piece of equipment in either a new kitchen or an existing operation.