Here are five steps foodservice operators can take to help properly clean and sanitize their ice machines. 

Spring cleaning is popular at the moment and foodservice operators should use this time as a reminder to clean their back-of-house equipment, including especially ice machines. That's because regularly cleaning foodservice equipment can lead to increased performance and product life.

Here are five easy steps to take when cleaning an ice machine, courtesy of Ice-O-Matic:

Bin cleanup: Remove the ice in the bin and wipe down the surfaces with a mild cleaner. Rinse thoroughly.

Descaling: Following the manufacturer's procedures, run a nickel-safe cleaner through the machine. Purge the machine.

Sanitizing: Repeat the process with an EPA-approved sanitizer. Purge again.

Condenser cleanup: Brushing down the condenser will make it more efficient and ensure maximum ice production.

Water filter replacement: Replace water filters every six months to maintain ice quality and protect the evaporator from performance-robbing buildup.