Pot and pan washers are a good option for cleaning various types of larger cooking containers and baking pans.


Here are a few considerations foodservice operators should weigh before purchasing a pot and pan washer.

Volume: Because not all operations warrant utilizing a dedicated pot and pan washer, operators need to justify mechanical washing is preferable to hand washing. Also, when choosing a pot and pan washer's capacity, operators need to consider the volume of larger items needing washing.

Sizing: Rather than undersizing pot and pan washers when specifying, even if it seems like the volume will be lighter, it is always better to overestimate the machine's size.

Ware Types: Because not all pot and pan washers are designed to handle the same items, the types of ware needing washing in these units should be verified.

Soil Level: Determine the level of soil needing cleaning prior to choosing a unit. For pans without much residue, sanitizing will be the focus. Pots used extensively for sauces will require more extensive cleaning and possibly numerous wash cycles.

Utility Connections: Some units have different fill and drain systems, which may require larger or more complex plumbing than standard dishwashers. For this reason, water connections and drain system requirements should be verified prior to purchasing a pot and pan washer.