A combi oven represents one of the more expensive pieces of equipment foodservice operators can buy, with large high-end units easily running tens of thousands of dollars. Such an investment demands care from the operator. Here are five guidelines on what to do — and not do — to keep a combi oven running properly. 

• Hosing down a combi may be a tempting time-saver but don't do it. Water can easily get inside the unit and damage the mechanical parts or electronic controls.

• Keep an eye on the basics: worn out gaskets, loose door hinges and broken knobs and frayed power cords can all impact a combi oven's performance and lead to substandard food or even a breakdown.
• Follow the manufacturer's instructions for daily and weekly maintenance. That includes using the factory-recommended cleaning solutions for de-scaling and de-liming.
• Keep your ears open. If a unit is noisy, it could be a sign of an emerging problem, such as a malfunctioning fan motor.
• Since combi ovens use water, the quality of this water can impact performance. Make sure to keep your restaurant's water filtration system properly maintained, including regularly changing out the actual filters.