Used for proofing dough or holding large quantities of cooked food at a high temperature, warming cabinets can be particularly useful for catering and banquet service. There are a few tips operators should know to keep their cabinets working well.

  • Do not use overly abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads on a warming cabinet. Instead use milder chemical cleaners and pads that the manufacturer recommends.
  • Because they’re often used for catering, warming cabinets are typically electric powered. If a unit is acting up, operators should check the power cord to see if it is loose or frayed.
  • Warming cabinets usually come with casters, allowing them to move from event location to location. Operators should keep an eye on caster condition. A small bit of debris can cause a wheel to get stuck, making the cabinet harder to move. If a wheel has a flat spot, replace it.
  • If a cabinet is not holding food at the proper temperature, a dirty air temperature sensor could be at fault. Check the sensor for debris and clean it if needed.