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More than 500 exhibitors will line 375,000 square feet of space at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center during The NAFEM Show 2019. Whether you’re a commercial or non-commercial operator looking to take your space to the next level, or a dealer, distributor or consultant who support them, there are countless new products, trends, solutions and insights. With so much to sift through, FE&S compiled a preview of booth highlights and products to help guide you through your trek.

All the information you’ll find within the following pages comes directly from the sponsors of FE&S’ The NAFEM Show Planning Guide. Booth numbers cited were as of Nov. 16, 2018. Visit for updates.

Commercial Ranges


migaliMigali has recently unveiled a new series of commercial ranges including four-, six-, eight- and ten-burner configurations. All of these sizes include models with griddle combinations as well. The range body is constructed of all stainless steel, chrome temperature knobs and porcelain enamel over steel interior oven. Each burner boasts a 25,000 BTU capacity along with 27,000 BTU capacity per oven. Migali commercial ranges will save you money, enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics and operate at optimal temperatures for many years to come.

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Lighted Donut Cart

New Age Industrial

newage industrialThis product was designed to meet our customer’s specific needs. We’re pretty sure you don’t need this lighted donut cart but this cart shows you how versatile we can be at New Age Industrial. Visit us at The NAFEM Show so we can turn your “bright” ideas into actual products.

Booth #2207 |

Food Equipment Sanitation Certification

NSF International Food Equipment Certification

nsfIn the restaurant and commercial foodservice industries, NSF certification assures market compliance for food equipment. It is the certification mark most recognized and most specified by buyers. It signifies to customers and regulators that your products have been tested by an independent third party, are certified to the industry’s highest standards and meet all applicable North American regulatory requirements.

In global markets, NSF testing and certification can facilitate product acceptance in countries you export to as well. Tell us where your growth plans are taking you, and NSF can help you get there.

Booth #1282 |

Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System


perlickThe Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System solves the problem of separation of ingredients when serving cocktails and other beverages on draft. Specially designed five- and ten-gallon refillable kegs with removable cap allows for pre-batching cocktails and serving them via a beverage tap. A food grade circulating pump hooks up to the specially designed keg to continually or periodically, depending on drink type, circulate the contents of the keg to keep them thoroughly blended. This system provides consistent flavor and quality from first pour to last and enables bar operators to efficiently and profitably serve signature cocktails or other beverage types.

Booth #2260 |

TorQ Frying System


pitcoPitco introduces it’s patented, future of frying design, the TorQ frying system. This new system utilizes enhanced technology to decrease cook times, thereby increasing your throughput. Oil costs are reduced, and costly labor-intensive processes are eliminated. The only thing that will increase is your bottom line.

Achieving production with under 30 lbs. of oil with automatic replenishment of fresh supply as needed is just one of the iconic breakthroughs. Utilizing a new seamless, deep drawn tank, TorQ’s reimagined Torrent Filtration system moves oil consistently in a path that filters out sediment while pumping through heating elements, back into the tank. As a part of the Middleby Corporation booth you can expect to see this brand new product alongside all our other dependable brands for all your kitchen needs.

Booth #1212 |

Outdoor Seamless Fiberglass Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Polar King

polar kingPolar King is the industry’s No. 1 manufacturer of fiberglass outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers. All units are delivered pre-wired, pre-assembled, and ready to operate — no on-site assembly required. Our 100% seamless fiberglass design provides a continuous surface which keeps the insulated structure completely intact — free of moisture damage and bacteria formation. Plus, all of the interior corners are rounded to further ensure a sanitary environment. Polar King outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers come standard with a 12-year structural warranty; including the floor and roof.

Booth #2857 |

The NEW Saber King Mini

Prince Castle

prince castleSaber King Mini is geared toward kitchens with less slicing needs. They may be smaller in size, but its quality, efficiency and safety needs are imperative. Whether it’s slicing, dicing, cutting or wedging, Prince Castle’s Saber King Mini offers the same food quality consistency as the Saber King in a 30% smaller footprint. You can now prep faster, save labor, improve safety, and ensure the same food quality consistency. Tomato and onion slicing and dicing cartridges are available.

Booth #3223 |

RHEF-75-2F with Built-in Filter System

Royal Ranges

royalThe RHEF-75-2F boasts the industry’s highest efficiency of 72%, zero recovery time and amazing production of 129 lbs per hour based on independent third-party testing. The RHEF fryers offer the option of eight channel computer controls, two channel digital controls or an electro-mechanical thermostat. The uniquely designed bi-metal multi-pass baffle system allows for maximum heat transfer while the burners are on and superior heat retention while the burners are off. The filter system is simple to use and adaptable to work with oil recovery systems.

Booth #1257 |

Water Saving Package (WSP)


salvajorSalvajor’s new Water Saving Package includes everything you need to operate more efficiently. Our disposer operator sensor detects the presence or absence of the operator. The disposer control then adjusts the water flow, reducing water usage by 80% when the operator is away. The disposer will power off entirely if the operator does not return to the work area before the adjustable run timer expires. There are two modes of operation: Standard on/off mode and Water Saver mode with timed run. Salvajor Water Saving Packages (WSP) are furnished with a disposer assembly of your choice, ARSS-LD Control and Operator Sensor. U.S. Pat. No. 7,815,134.

Booth #1844 |

Cold Brew ‘N’ Serv

Service Ideas

service ideasEnhance your cold brew preparation and presentation with the Cold Brew ‘N’ Serv System. It includes a simple yet innovative brew basket that turns our rectangular cold beverage dispenser into an all-in-one cold brew coffee maker and dispenser. Easy to use with minimal handling makes this cold brew system sanitary and mess free. The patent pending brew basket is designed to drain into the dispenser, not on your counter. It holds three pounds of coffee grounds, yielding just under three gallons of cold brew coffee.

Booth #2426 |

Stationary Rack Gas Smoker/Roaster

Southern Pride

southern prideThe small footprint and 45 square feet of cooking capacity makes the SRG-400 ideal for many kitchens. With additional racks, 87 square feet can be achieved. The standard cook and hold control allows for selection of cook temperature, cook time, hold temperature and programming of 30 preset menus. The patented airflow system delivers consistent temperature throughout the cooking cabinet. The front load firebox allows product to be smoked using one to three wood logs, depending on desired smoke profile. By omitting the use of wood, product can be roasted.

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Zoomba Group’s NAFEM Show Photo Contest

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. At the NAFEM Show, it could be worth a $100 gift card.

The Zoomba Group, publishers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine and restaurant development + design magazine, invite you to our NAFEM Show booth #877 and get your picture on the cover. Not only will you immediately get a print and digital version of your picture, but by posting it on social media with the #MyFESMag or #MyrddMag, five lucky winners from will win a $100 gift card.