ASM865A Rice Sheet Maker


ASM865A Rice Sheet Maker can produce up to 1,300 rice sheets per hour, per the maker. The unit is suitable for use in larger operations, including grocery stores and restaurants.


Flexible Fryer Control


AMETEK NCC FFC FULLThis Flexible Fryer Control (FFC) is a control module that can help enhance fryer performance by interfacing directly with internal management systems. FFC engages with a fryer’s heating, filtration, oil quality, oil level, basket lift and wireless systems. Idle Mode with Life-Guard algorithm lowers the oil temperature and reduces duty cycles whenever the fryer has not been activated for a period of time.


Vertical Broilers

Bettcher Industries

Vertical broilers geared for display cooking applications accommodate meat capacities from 5 to 65 pounds. Infrared ceramic heating elements and adjustable temperature controls provide precise cooking. Operators can disassemble the broilers to clean the units. Gas and electric models are available.

Conveyor Toasters & Ovens

The Vollrath Co. LLC

vollrath conveyortoasters imageConveyor pizza ovens can accommodate fresh dough and parbaked pizzas, flatbreads, calzones and breads. Conveyor toasters utilize forced convection and quartz heaters. Conveyor sandwich ovens toast bread, melt cheese or warm meat in low or high volumes. Contact toasters save space for high-volume bun toasting. Cheese melters/finishing ovens melt cheese and finish off entrees.


Suntec Snack System

Hatco Corp.

hatco snack 1The Hatco/Suntec Snack System comes with single or dual electric bakers and replaceable plates that operators can switch for breakfast items, lunch foods and snacks. Adjustable time/temperature controls enable operators to cook continuously. Each cooking cycle features four programmable preset buttons.


PopClean Elite Series Poppers

Gold Medal Products Co.

gold medal popclean elite popper series touchPopClean Elite Series Poppers include Advanced Membrane Control and Touch Screen Control Panels. The Advanced Membrane Control Panel aids in ease of operation and contains icons and operating indicators that can make operation easier. The Touch Screen Control Panel is an optional upgrade that optimizes the popping process with a 7-inch touch screen display.


Induction Instinct Counter Unit Series

Garland Commercial Ranges, a Welbilt Company

garland instinct 1 a basic dualThe Induction Instinct Counter Unit Series has a control and monitoring system for its induction technology. The line ranges from Hob (3.5-5) or Wok (3.5-5-8) to the Griddle (3.5-5), and it also offers dual countertops with its Hob 10 or Griddle 10. The system recognizes incoming power and automatically adjusts internal parameters for flexible use.


PBC 6/18M Proofing and Baking Center

Duke Manufacturing Co.

duke pbc 6 18m straightThe PBC 6/18M Proofing and Baking Center bakes cookies, cakes, muffins, bread, croissants and other confections. Features include a 5.7-inch LCD display with touch-screen control. A programmable recipe feature accommodates 18 baking and 5 proofing recipes. The center provides 5,000 watts of baking power and 1,000 watts of proofing power.


Vector H Series Multi-Cook Ovens

Alto-Shaam Inc.

alto shaam vector ovenThe Vector H Series multi-cook ovens feature a user interface that allows operators to upload their own images and a compact design. The units’ independent oven chambers simultaneously cook a variety of menu items with no flavor transfer, per the manufacturer.


FlashChef Scan&Go Microwave


MideaThe FlashChef Scan&Go Microwave has 1200 watts of power with top and bottom energy feed. Eleven power levels and three cooking stages accommodate various applications. The large capacity unit has a stainless-steel body and cavity. Its laser scanner and USB port provide menu customization capabilities.