Mini Serving Vessels

The Vollrath Co.

Vollrath PRO CasseroleGroup ss 03 2018 12 18Mini Serving Vessels provide a whimsical presentation of individual servings, appetizers, sides and desserts. The more than 60 products include cast iron and stainless-steel mini cookware, such as fry pans, casserole dishes, sauce pans and roasting pans.


SC-300 Electric Smoker

Southern Pride BBQ Pits and Smokers

Southern PrideThe SC-300 electric smokers smoke, roast and serve as holding ovens. Dual wood chip boxes are located on the left and right side of the smoker. An optional steam system replaces the right smoke element in the cabinet. Operators can turn the smoke elements, or the smoke and steam element, on or off independently.


Versatile Chef Station


Vulcan Chef Station VCS f wPanThe Versatile Chef Station sears, braises, simmers, steams, boils, shallow fries, sautes and retherms in one unit. Six integrated elements with built-in temperature monitors provide accurate, uniform heat within
two degrees F corner to corner. An integrated probe in the cooking well senses liquid temperature.


Round Waffle Makers

Hatco Corp.

Hatco Round Waffle MakerThis line of waffle makers is suitable for use in commercial kitchens, display cooking applications and buffets. The heating element design provides consistent heat distribution throughout the cooking plate. Adjustable time and temperature allow operators to program cooking profiles or use different batters to expand the menu offering.


ProVection Oven

Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment

Imperial Range ProVection OvenThe 36-inch ProVection Oven has a 2-speed motor, 5 rack positions and can stack up to 3 units high. Features include tempered glass doors, porcelain interior and three double-nickel-plated oven racks with removable guide assembly.


Pro Series Broiler

Imperial Cooking Equipment

imperial range broilerPro Series Broilers feature stainless steel construction, a welded frame assembly, industrial metal knobs and a custom-designed brass control valve. The cast iron top grate has multiple positions to ensure different heat zones.


Palletti Induction Warmers

Hatco Corp.

hatco chafingPalletti Induction Warmers safely keep food hot in commercial kitchens and serving applications. The warmers have five low-to-high-power warming levels that are memory retentive for a variety of food types and volumes. The control panel features an on/off button with an LED indicator light and two buttons that control power settings.


Insulated Dutch Door Heater Proofer

Winholt Equipment Group

Winholt 1078993 NHPL 1825 UNC DGT dutchThe INHPL-1825-UNC-2D-DGT insulated Dutch door heater proofer combines universal runners in the heater proofer cabinet with insulation and Dutch doors for efficient energy consumption. Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum, the proofer utilizes a forced-air design to evenly distribute heat. The universal runners in the cabinet accommodate steam pans and sheet pans.


Energy Efficient Deep Fat Fryer

Royal Range of California

Royal Range REEF 35 FryerThe 35-pound capacity energy-efficient deep-fat fryer has a stainless steel front and sides. Cast-iron burners come with a rating of 24,000 Btu/hour. A millivolt control system has a safety shutoff. Twin fry baskets with plastic-coated handles provide ease of handling. Options include a stainless steel tank cover and side splash guard.




Paco Jet PJ2 PLUS freigestelltThe 2 PLUS uses the programmable automatic repeat function, so recipes can be preset to operate repeatedly with over-pressure. The unit enables chefs to micro-puree fresh, deep-frozen foods without thawing to produce mousses, ice creams, and sorbets or soups, sauces and fillings. The process preserves aromas, natural colors and nutrients in ready-to-serve portions, per the maker.