FT1000e STEAM Flight-Type Dishwashing Machine

Hobart Corp.

Hobart FT1000e LoadEnd qlThe STEAM Ventless flight-type dish machine uses 58 gallons of final rinse consumption per hour. Features include dual rinse, hinged and insulated doors, and a 30-inch-wide conveyor belt. It uses microprocessor controls with start/stop switches at both ends.


Wireless Remote Thermometer and Timer

San Jamar

San Jamar THDGWLThis wireless remote thermometer and timer combines two kitchen tools into one portable unit. The oven- and grill-safe probe rests in meat during cooking, while the wireless display unit slips into a chef’s coat pocket or clips onto a belt. The probe and display unit communicate via radio waves.


Double Wide Mop Sink Cabinet

Advance Tabco

Advance TabcoA double wide mop sink cabinet includes double-hinged doors that stay closed magnetically. Louvered side panels provide ventilation. The sink is available on the right or left side of the cabinet, while the other side has additional storage for chemicals and rags as well as an area for a roll-in mop bucket.


Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System

Stoelting Foodservice Equipment

Stoelting PRO CIPCART 3F3 sh 21 2018 09 28The Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System is a self-contained cleaning system that works with frozen dessert equipment. Features include a direct connection to a water supply with a 50-foot hose, a battery powered water pump with a 15-gallon fresh water tank and grey water tank and a Clean-in-Place option with a Hydra Rise system.


3-Compartment Sinks

Advance Tabco

Advance tabco K7 CS sinkThis line of compact 3-compartment sinks is suitable for washing, rinsing and sanitizing in spaces that measure 6 feet or less. Stainless-steel construction, along with the welded stainless-steel leg assembly, provides added sink stability and tolerance. Each sink includes fabricated sink bowls and two drainboards with rolled edges.


DuraPull Pre-Rinse Units

T&S Brass and Bronze Works

DuraPull Pre-Rinse Units feature pull-down activation and stainless steel construction. The water-saving design incorporates ceramic cartridges. The automatic shut-off feature prevents water waste by ending the flow of water when the user releases the handle, eliminating the spray valve handle and hold-down ring. The swivel design allows 360-degree rotation of the sprayer.


KA Series Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

Meiko USA Inc.

MeikoThe KA Series rack conveyor system features a high-contrast, glass touch-screen display that keeps operators informed during the washing process. Available information includes service diagnostics, error logging, troubleshooting and real-time performance updates.


AirWorks 3.0 Passive Air Care Dispensing System


HOSPECO AirWorks 30 PR Image 2519AirWorks 3.0 Passive Air Care Dispensing System comes in 11 scents. The system contains a molecular odor neutralizer. Fragrance liquid flows from the inner core through a bonded wick and diffuses into the air at a high rate with no propellants, dripping, spilling or leaking.


Dual-Pak Condensing Units

Heat Transfer Products Group LLC

Heat Transfer Products Group Cold ZoneColdZone Dual-Pak Multi-Refrigerant Air Cooled Condensing Units for walk-in coolers and freezers offer two scroll compressors. Medium and low temperature models range in size from 1 to 4 horsepower. Mix and match to meet specific applications. The unit includes a 70-degree F floating head pressure control valve and an integral subcooling circuit.


Fire Ready Hood System

Accurex LLC

Accurex FR Hood BOFire Ready Hood system protects residential ranges in not-for-profit commercial spaces. Enhancements provide an integrated fire protection system in a small footprint that can replace the need for a commercial Type 1 wall canopy hood. An ECM exhaust fan motor allows adjustable fan speed for odor and sound control.