VDH63 Hood-Type Dishwasher

Veetsan Star

veetsan star hoodtype dishwasherThe Veetsan Star hood-type insulated dishwasher with double skin hood is fast, reliable and easy to operate per the company. This hot water,180 degree F sanitizing dishwasher handles up to 63 racks per hour. It is Energy Star 2.0 certified and requires a cold-water line hookup.


Low-Flow Hydrogenerator

T&S Brass and Bronze Works Inc.

t s brass ec hydrogen lf low flow hydrogenA low-flow hydrogenerator cleanly and sustainably powers sensor faucets with flow rates between 0.5 and 1.0 gallons per minute. A self-sustaining power solution, hydrogenerators harness the flow of water to generate and store power to operate sensor faucets, eliminating the need for hardwire or battery back-up.


Compartment Sink

Sapphire Manufacturing Inc.

sapphire sinkOne- and two-compartment sinks include an 18-inch-by-24-inch bowl size with 24-inch drain boards, while three-compartment sinks have two bowl sizes, including 18-inch-by-24-inch and 20-inch-by-30-inch, and 24-inch drain boards. All are 14 inches deep and available with the drain board on the left, right or both sides.


LFC-70 Biodigester

Fujitsu Technology and Business of America/Power Knot LLC

fujitsu since 2011 20190120 hiThe LFC-70 Biodigester converts food solids into drain-safe wastewater in 24 hours. The system uses a mix of natural microbes and enzymes, along with infusions of hot and cold water and oxygen, to aerobically convert biodegradable food waste into gray water that drains into municipal waste lines.


74SS-NA Mobile Oil Containment Tank

Frontline International

frontline mobile oil containment tank upgrade pr image 122018The 74SS-NA Mobile Oil Containment Tank for the Waste Cooking Oil Containment Caddy features a 74-gallon tank to handle multiple fryers at various locations in a building. Called the Tank Tank, it wheels to each location and accepts multiple deposits before the unit requires emptying. The onboard motor and pump make oil collection hands-free.


Jobby Dust Pan


filmop jobby liquid dry montage 3in releaseThe Jobby Dust Pan with Swivel Floor Squeegee provides no-touch collection of wet and dry debris from hard flooring. The replaceable dust pan rubber edge lays flat to the floor while the flexible, replaceable squeegee blade bends to eliminate gaps between the pan and floor for one-sweep collection.


VDU30 Undercounter Dishwasher

Veetsan Star

Veetsan Star undercounter dishwasherThe VDU30 Undercounter Dishwasher is suitable for use in bars and small restaurants. This sanitizing dishwasher cleans up to 30 racks per hour in 180-degree F water. The unit requires a cold water line hookup.


Piranha Dual Agent Fire Suppression System

Tyco Fire Protection Products

Ansul R 102 Automan Tank Pull StationThe Piranha Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System utilizes two extinguishing agents — wet chemicals and water. The system attacks fire using the rapid flame knockdown and the securing capabilities of PRX Liquid Fire Suppressant, then water follows, cooling the cooking media and helping to prevent re-flash.