Food Delivery and Transport Bags

Vollrath Co.

Vollrath DeliveryBag PressRelease v2In the 3-Series food delivery bags, menu items generate heat in the bag, while insulation helps retain heat. The 5-Series features a heat pad that preheats the bag and is either unplugged for transport or powered by an optional 12 volt in-car power cord. A variety of styles are available.


ProServe Delivery Bags

Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

Rubbermaid DeliveryBagLarge 001 1ProServe Delivery Bags and Lightweight Insulated Carriers keep food warm or cold for up to two hours and the carriers keep food warm or cold for up to four hours with insulated siding, per the maker. Both bags and carriers are dishwasher safe.


Tables with Self-stabilizing Bases

Rockless Table

Rockless Table2Tables feature wobble-free, self-stabilizing and hydraulic-free bases. The pendulum base consists of two pieces of steel and a bolt. Customizable, the table bases automatically adjust and stabilize to any surface with up to a half-inch variation.


Heated Base Glass Shelves

Hatco Corp.

hatco HBG 2418 wht trim baseHeated Base Glass Shelves have a thermostatically controlled heated ceramic glass top that creates uniform heat across the surface. The shelves are suitable for use in pass-through areas, buffet lines and as hors d’oeuvre displays. Black or white shelves are available.


Glass Food Shields for Hot/Cold Food Tables

Advance Tabco

Advance Tabco foodtable foodshieldGSG and NSG series glass Sleek Shields protect food from contamination while providing visibility to customers and staff. The self-serve style food shields feature a 3/8-inch thick heat-tempered glass top or stainless-steel shelf and ¼-inch thick heat-tempered glass sides. Measuring 15 inches wide and 18½ inches high, the front glass rotates to make cleaning easier.


IHDCH-45 Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity

Hatco Corp.

Hatco IHDCH 45The IHDCH-45 Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity regulates air temperature while balancing the humidity level. The unit features 360-degree viewing and LED lighting, making it easier for consumers to see the food.


Flav-R-Savor Heated Air Curtain Cabinets

Hatco Corp.

Hatco FS3HAC 3626Flav-R-Savor Heated Air Curtain Cabinets have no front doors to provide customers easier access to hot products. Heated air at the front of the cabinet is forced downward, forming a curtain of heat, which is then drawn toward the rear of the cabinet, warming each shelf.


Cross-Temp Reach In Units


Beverage Air CT1HC 1HSCross-Temp Reach In Units’ technology modulates coil temperatures to aid with energy efficiency. Temperatures range from -15 degrees F to 40 degrees F. Customize the cabinets to meet refrigerator and/or freezer needs. A smart defrost expansion valve provides rapid recovery after defrost.


Steelheart Refrigeration Series


Hoshizaki SteelheartSeries LineupThe Steelheart Refrigeration Series top mount design provides up to 10 percent more internal storage capacity, uses fewer parts and utilizes environmentally friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, per the manufacturer. The louvered and ducted panels aid with airflow throughout the cabinet.


Convenience Store Modular Cabinets

Eagle Group

Eagle CStoreModCabinetsConvenience store cabinets feature modular components, which can utilize a common top or have separate tops in a scatter system configuration. Top options include laminates, solid surface, stone, granite or stainless steel. Modular pieces can mix and match based on individual store requirements.