Slice of Pi Display Unit

Eastern Tabletop

eastern tablewareSlice of Pi customizable corner display units for slices or whole pies blend seamlessly into corners or can be combined in 180-degree semicircles, 360-degree circles or wave patterns. The one-piece stainless-steel units also provide color options and feature a space-saving design.


SmartFit Pans


smart fit productsSmartFit Pans feature an interlocking system that catches onto adapter bars, preventing the pans from falling into wells during food bar setup and takedown. Standard pan sizes with 2.5-, 4- and 6-inch depths provide flexibility for different configurations. Designed for cold well cases, the break-resistant melamine pans are stackable and dishwasher safe.


Model EC1840-C/LD Grab & Go Online Order Pickup

WinHolt Equipment Group

winholtThe Model EC1840-C/LD Grab & Go Online Order Pickup is an enclosed mobile transport cabinet that conserves and maintains the quality of items stored in it. Constructed of aluminum, its transparent acrylic doors allow identification of items being stored. The cabinet also features double pan construction and 5-inch polyurethane casters.


Cantilever Shelving

Winholt Equipment Group

Winholt CANTILEVERCORNER CMYK 300dpi jpgCantilever shelving promotes the use of vertical storage capacities to reduce clutter and messy environments. Various configurations are available. The shelving system can hold up to seven shelves on 10-inch centers. Posts are 72 inches high with adjustable front feet. The units can support a maximum of 2,500 pounds per section.


INFINITI Series Counter Concept

Atlas Metal Industries

Atlas Metal INFINITIINFINITI is a customizable counter concept for use in serveries. Various front-panel configurations, exterior finishes and food guard options are available. Other options include custom counters with frost tops, hot and cold drop-in wells, and a countertop ice pan. Counter heights are adjustable to meet ADA requirements.




U ChillThe U-Chill customizable cooling cylinder uses a cold-air jacket that keeps beverages chilled and dry. It can be installed almost anywhere and on any surface, per the manufacturer.


C111-37 Soft Serve Countertop Freezer

Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Co. LLC

Stoelting C111 ImageThe C111-37 soft-serve countertop freezer has a compact design and includes a touch-screen display. The unit features a 1.6-gallon capacity and a built-in cup/cone sensor. The machine’s point-of-sale features are backlit and customizable.


Food Delivery and Transport Bags

Vollrath Co.

Vollrath DeliveryBag PressRelease v2In the 3-Series food delivery bags, menu items generate heat in the bag, while insulation helps retain heat. The 5-Series features a heat pad that preheats the bag and is either unplugged for transport or powered by an optional 12 volt in-car power cord. A variety of styles are available.


ProServe Delivery Bags

Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

Rubbermaid DeliveryBagLarge 001 1ProServe Delivery Bags and Lightweight Insulated Carriers keep food warm or cold for up to two hours and the carriers keep food warm or cold for up to four hours with insulated siding, per the maker. Both bags and carriers are dishwasher safe.


Tables with Self-stabilizing Bases

Rockless Table

Rockless Table2Tables feature wobble-free, self-stabilizing and hydraulic-free bases. The pendulum base consists of two pieces of steel and a bolt. Customizable, the table bases automatically adjust and stabilize to any surface with up to a half-inch variation.