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Tri-Gen Cookware


Winco Tri Gen CollectionThis line of cookware includes fry pans, saute pans, sauce pans, stock pots and braziers. Features include reinforced, riveted handles and the cookware is available in stainless-steel and nonstick finishes.


Reflections Renew Cutlery

Waddington North America, a Novolex Brand

Novolex Reflections photoReflections Renew is a line of silver-look spoons, forks and knives made with FDA-compliant resin that includes 20 percent post-consumer recycled content. This recyclable line of cutlery includes forks, knives and spoons. The items feature a stainless-steel coating.


Blaze Hot Food Containers

Waddington NorthAmerica, a Novolex brand

Novolex Blaze P1 3 Stack FoodBlaze hot food containers come in a variety of sizes and styles, including hinged and two-piece options for carryout or delivery. The easy tear-away hinge allows for a less cluttered dining experience, and the two-piece option offers a common lid that fits the various base sizes. All the packaging can be recycled where facilities exist.

Fiesta Dinnerware

HLC Inc.

Homer Lauglin China CompanyThe Fiesta dinnerware line include plates in Lemongrass, Poppy and Paprika colors. Available complementary pieces include an 8-ounce bowl in a Sunflower color, and 5- and 9-ounce ivory serveware. The line features heat retention properties.

Sepia and Pesto Completer Items

Hall China

hlc sepia and pesto hall china pr image 82919Sepia and Pesto completer items complement the maker’s existing dinnerware lines. The line includes ramekins, bakeware and service pieces for appetizers and desserts. Completer pieces are dark green or brown with slight color variations.


High Heat Measuring Cups

Cambro Manufacturing

cambro hhmc2 measuring cup hhmcc 2 hdHigh Heat Measuring Cups can accommodate hot liquids, oils or sauces and are suitable for use in commercial microwave and regular ovens. The cups won’t crack or shatter during regular use, per the manufacturer. The heat-tolerant, food-grade material withstands temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 375 degrees F. Both 2- and 4-quart sizes are available.


Gala Line

The Homer Laughlin China Co.

hlc new gala patterns pr image 72319Gala light dinnerware offers seven pattern options on a white background. Mia Gold and Mia Platinum have a metallic band around the outer rim. Ella Gold and Ella Platinum add a second metallic band around the well. English Ivy Grey accents the rim with a vine and leaf design, and Gossamer Gray and Gossamer Pink feature a lacework design around the rim.


Auto Adjust Table Bases

FLAT Tech Inc.

flat bx26 black table base showing the hydraulic technology underneathAuto Adjust Table Bases automatically provide instant stabilization leveling. Adjust the bases to suit different surfaces by lifting the table. It is capable of adapting to a variety of surface inconsistencies.


C-40 Marston High Chairs

Tomlinson Industries

Tomlinson C 40 chairMarston High Chairs are ASTM F404-18 compliant. The C-40 high chairs are made of ¾-inch oak with mortise and tenon construction. A modified chair back restricts upside-down use of the chair. The wider base stance improves chair stability and prevents tipping. A three-point harness system secures children. Walnut, natural and black finishes are available.