ASM865A Rice Sheet Maker

autec ricesheetmaker asm865a high resAutec

ASM865A Rice Sheet Makers produce up to 1,300 rice sheets per hour. Rollers imitate the quality of a rice sheet crafted by a sushi chef, with the correct air to rice ratio. The system is suitable for use in larger operations, including grocery stores and restaurants.


Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

bally pennstateBally Refrigerated Boxes Inc.

Walk-in coolers and freezers come with 4-, 5- or 6-inch thick panels with tongue and groove construction. The combination of foamed-in-place insulation, tongue and groove construction and non-ozone-depleting urethane panels can reduce construction and energy costs. A variety of panel thicknesses, floors and door options are available.


TCTW572 Waterproof Folding Thermocouple Thermometer

cdn tctw572 10CDN

Waterproof Folding Thermocouple Thermometers offer one-button calibration and smooth battery replacement. Ergonomic and waterproof, the 4.33-inch probe features 304 stainless-steel construction and has a 1.5 mm thin tip. The waterproof thermometer has a two- to three-second response time, per the 
maker. Its temperature range is between 
58 degrees F and 572 degrees F.


Mighty Top Sandwich Unit

continental sandwich unit Continental Refrigerator

Mighty Top Sandwich Units feature stainless-steel tops, front and end panels with 2-inch non-CFC/non-HFC polyurethane insulation and insulated stainless-steel lids. A removable interior tub below the 1/6 size recessed pans helps prevent spillage into the storage zone. Models with doors, two-tier drawers or a combination are available.


Snap-n-Slide Wall Shelves

eagle group snap and slide wall shelves 4cEagle Group

Snap-n-Slide Wall Shelves with rolled front edges come in a variety of lengths and widths. Units feature 16/430, 16/304 or 14/304 stainless-steel construction. Stainless-steel wall brackets ship loose for mounting directly to wall studs and require no wall backing, per the maker. Also, attaching shelves to wall brackets requires no tools, per the maker.


HotMax Near-Boiling Water Dispenser

eemax hotmax with faucetEemax

HotMax Near-Boiling Water Dispensers provide hot water with no downtime. Dispensers enable baristas to fulfill 480 orders of near-boiling water per hour at a continuous flow. The dispenser’s gooseneck faucet provides splash-free dispensing without steam.


Dixie Ultra SmartStock Tri-Tower Cutlery Dispenser

20190715 gp redman10110GP Pro

The Dixie Ultra SmartStock Tri-Tower Cutlery Dispenser delivers touchless, automatic dispensing with no levers or bins. It supports sustainability efforts by offering one-at-a-time dispensing, which helps reduce waste. The dispenser holds 390 utensils.


One Section Roll Thru Refrigerator

hoshizaki rt1a roll in unitHoshizaki

One Section Roll Thru Refrigerators with stainless-steel exterior fronts, sides and tops utilize a ducted air distribution system. The unit controls R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant flow and is controlled with a thermostatic expansion valve. A reinforced stainless-steel ramp and floor accommodates roll-in racks up to 72 inches tall.


Long Pizza Pan and Tall Cheesecake Pan

lloyd pans long pizza panLloydPans

Long Pizza Pans come in 12-, 18- and 27-inch lengths, with a standard 4-inch width and 1.5-inch depth. The pans have PSTK coating that doesn’t require seasoning. A 4-inch high cheesecake pan has a stick-resistant coating that also makes the pan steam resistant.


DD Series Ice Cream Dipping/Display Merchandisers

master bilt dd 46l[1]Master-Bilt Products

DD Series Ice Cream Dipping/Display Merchandisers enhance product visibility with glass tops and LED lighting. Thicker walls enhance insulation and performance, while lower back rails improve operator ergonomics. Standard, low front glass and low front curved glass models are available.