Cutlerease Cutlery Dispensing System


Novolex cutlerease photoCutlerease, a single piece cutlery utensil dispensing system, offers improved hygiene, reduced waste and versatility for front- and back-of-the-house operations. Tape-tabbed cutlery refill packs enable fast and easy pick up and restocking into dispenser cartridges.


QUASAR UV-C LED Bottle Fillers

Oasis International

OASIS QUASAR PR ImageQUASAR bottle fillers use an energy-efficient LED to deliver UV light, specifically UV-C, to cleanse drinking water as it comes out of the dispenser. The fillers achieve a 99.99 percent reduction of common waterborne pathogens, including giardia, legionella, listeria, cryptosporidium, shigella and E. coli, per the manufacturer.


Edikio Guest Buffet Tag Printer


ediko carte 120x50 buffet cabillaud eng vmeThe Edikio Guest solution creates and prints buffet labels. It creates aesthetic tags on durable, washable cards that display detailed information. The system includes a card printer, card design software, a white print ribbon and blank black plastic cards.


Piranha Dual Agent Fire Suppression System

Tyco Fire Protection Products

Ansul R 102 Automan Tank Pull StationThe Piranha Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System utilizes two extinguishing agents — wet chemicals and water. The system attacks fire using the rapid flame knockdown and the securing capabilities of PRX Liquid Fire Suppressant, then water follows, cooling the cooking media and helping to prevent re-flash.