Crem International

Crema Unity37Unity1 coffee machines include bean hoppers that provide one section for filter coffee and another for espresso. The double outlet allows coffee and milk distribution into two cups simultaneously. The outlet can adjust up and down and accommodate different jug sizes up to 18 centimeters. The 10-inch screen enables users to customize drinks.


Smart Water Dispenser


Bevi Countertop Sitting 3 432x519 1The Smart Water Dispenser all-in-one beverage service hooks up to an existing water line for customizable still, sparkling and flavored water on demand. Technicians receive notification when a machine needs servicing. Floor and countertop models are available.


Pass-Thru Workstation

Advance Tabco

Advance Tabco pass thruThe pass-thru workstation acts as a complete bartender station and creates a dedicated area for bartenders to service drink orders. The bartender side features a speed rail to hold liquor bottles and a blender for frozen drinks. The unit features a tubing chase for soda guns accessible by both sides.


Fire Ready Hood System

Accurex LLC

Accurex FR Hood BOFire Ready Hood system protects residential ranges in not-for-profit commercial spaces. Enhancements provide an integrated fire protection system in a small footprint that can replace the need for a commercial Type 1 wall canopy hood. An ECM exhaust fan motor allows adjustable fan speed for odor and sound control.


VDH63 Hood-Type Dishwasher

Veetsan Star

veetsan star hoodtype dishwasherThe Veetsan Star hood-type insulated dishwasher with double skin hood is fast, reliable and easy to operate per the company. This hot water,180 degree F sanitizing dishwasher handles up to 63 racks per hour. It is Energy Star 2.0 certified and requires a cold-water line hookup.


Low-Flow Hydrogenerator

T&S Brass and Bronze Works Inc.

t s brass ec hydrogen lf low flow hydrogenA low-flow hydrogenerator cleanly and sustainably powers sensor faucets with flow rates between 0.5 and 1.0 gallons per minute. A self-sustaining power solution, hydrogenerators harness the flow of water to generate and store power to operate sensor faucets, eliminating the need for hardwire or battery back-up.


Compartment Sink

Sapphire Manufacturing Inc.

sapphire sinkOne- and two-compartment sinks include an 18-inch-by-24-inch bowl size with 24-inch drain boards, while three-compartment sinks have two bowl sizes, including 18-inch-by-24-inch and 20-inch-by-30-inch, and 24-inch drain boards. All are 14 inches deep and available with the drain board on the left, right or both sides.


Glass Door Merchandisers

Nor-Lake Inc.

norlake glass door refrigerators nlrgm48hbGlass door merchandisers include both swing and slide door refrigerators and swing door freezers. Standard features include an LED backlit top panel, four adjustable shelves per door, R290 refrigerant and factory-installed casters.


Pro Series Broiler

Imperial Cooking Equipment

imperial range broilerPro Series Broilers feature stainless steel construction, a welded frame assembly, industrial metal knobs and a custom-designed brass control valve. The cast iron top grate has multiple positions to ensure different heat zones.


KMEdge X Series Ice Machines


hoshizaki kmedgex air water 1200x1800The KMEdge X mid-sized cubers include multiple models in a total of eight units. Operators can place these 22-inch-wide and 28-inch tall modular ice machines on a bin, either alone or side-by-side, with ice production ranging from 383 to 669 pounds of ice per day.