Fiesta Meadow Dinnerware

Homer Laughlin China Co.

homer laughlin china meadow pr image 11119Fiesta Meadow dinnerware uses colors often found in an airy spring meadow. The soft medium shade of green marks the 51st shade in the line, which includes a variety of plates, platters, bowls, mugs, a disk pitcher and serving pieces. Meadow Fiesta lends itself to a variety of color combinations for creative plating options.


Palletti Induction Warmers

Hatco Corp.

hatco chafingPalletti Induction Warmers safely keep food hot in commercial kitchens and serving applications. The warmers have five low-to-high-power warming levels that are memory retentive for a variety of food types and volumes. The control panel features an on/off button with an LED indicator light and two buttons that control power settings.


Immersion Blenders

Globe Food Equipment Co.

globe gib750 14 4x6 300 dpiImmersion Blenders blend, mix, puree and emulsify. The hand-held blending sticks come in multiple sizes that detach easily and are dishwasher safe. The 7.5-foot power cord allows the blenders to move about the kitchen. Variable speeds offer flexibility.


LFC-70 Biodigester

Fujitsu Technology and Business of America/Power Knot LLC

fujitsu since 2011 20190120 hiThe LFC-70 Biodigester converts food solids into drain-safe wastewater in 24 hours. The system uses a mix of natural microbes and enzymes, along with infusions of hot and cold water and oxygen, to aerobically convert biodegradable food waste into gray water that drains into municipal waste lines.


74SS-NA Mobile Oil Containment Tank

Frontline International

frontline mobile oil containment tank upgrade pr image 122018The 74SS-NA Mobile Oil Containment Tank for the Waste Cooking Oil Containment Caddy features a 74-gallon tank to handle multiple fryers at various locations in a building. Called the Tank Tank, it wheels to each location and accepts multiple deposits before the unit requires emptying. The onboard motor and pump make oil collection hands-free.


Servewise Disposables with Lids

Front of the House

foh servewise productsServewise disposables with lids allow foodservice operators to serve a variety of menu items on wood plates. The microwave-safe line can withstand up to 350 degrees F in an oven. The disposables come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Jobby Dust Pan


filmop jobby liquid dry montage 3in releaseThe Jobby Dust Pan with Swivel Floor Squeegee provides no-touch collection of wet and dry debris from hard flooring. The replaceable dust pan rubber edge lays flat to the floor while the flexible, replaceable squeegee blade bends to eliminate gaps between the pan and floor for one-sweep collection.


Edikio Guest Buffet Tag Printer


ediko carte 120x50 buffet cabillaud eng vmeThe Edikio Guest solution creates and prints buffet labels. It creates aesthetic tags on durable, washable cards that display detailed information. The system includes a card printer, card design software, a white print ribbon and blank black plastic cards.


Thermalrite Blast Chiller/Freezer


The Thermalrite Blast Chiller/Freezer utilizes a 7-inch touch control panel with programmable functions and a built-in USB interface for HACCP compliance data download. Three-inch-thick insulation protects the unit and a high-efficiency condenser helps save energy while maintaining proper temperatures.


Compostable Cold Cup Sip Lids


eco products sip lid 1Compostable Cold Cup Sip Lids allow customers to sip beverages without a straw. Made from a plant-based plastic, the lids come in a variety of sizes to fit different cup sizes.