Preparation Equipment

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Purchasing and Maintaining Prep Sinks

Local health codes mandate the size of commercial kitchen prep sinks a foodservice operation require. This includes the number and size of bowls, water levels, backsplash heights and drain board sizes.

Purchasing a Commercial Slicer

Ignacio Goris, principal at Miami-based labor management solutions firm Labor Guru, says slicing takes time, but cleanup takes longer.

Commercial Blender Care and Maintenance

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly blender maintenance centers on cleaning. Unplug the unit and wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth after every use. At the end of the workday, wipe down the blender using a cloth and soap and water. Using a hose or water pressure can damage the motor. Regularly clean the blade to avoid tainting the taste of dishes with other flavors. Run fresh water and ice through the blender to clean the blade.

A Guide to Commercial Blenders

Blenders offer much versatility due to capabilities beyond blending, while occupying little space in any foodservice operation. This equipment can perform the functions of food processors, nut grinders and mixers, saving counter space by replacing these appliances.

Proofing Cabinets for Pizza Restaurants

Proofing cabinets are essential for pizza operations that make crust in-house and/or bake from scratch. Unlike the open air, the temperature and humidity levels reached in a proofing cabinet are ideal for allowing dough to rise to perfection.

THE Quarterly Product Knowledge Guide: Blenders

In pizza operations, commercial blenders can aid with food prep activities such as making sauces. For eateries with more diverse menus, a blender can perform the functions of a food processor.

An Overview of Pizza Prep Tables

What distinguishes a prep table for pizza production is its raised condiment rail, which situates the topping pans higher than the surface on which the staff member makes the pizza. This not only provides easy accessibility but also helps mitigate a messier worktop. This configuration is also popular for sandwich, salad and sushi prep. Equipment in made-to-order pizza operations typically has a flat surface and wider openings for topping storage so customers can easily view the ingredients available.

THE Quarterly Product Knowledge Guide: Prep Sinks

Local health codes govern the number, types and sizes of prep sinks commercial kitchens must have. These regulations also address water levels necessary in each sink, backsplash heights and drain board sizes.

THE Quarterly Product Knowledge Guide: Worktables

With the race for operational efficiency and cost savings at its peak, operators need to establish surroundings that include the right equipment in the right place. A worktable represents one item that can be the most effective with proper planning.