Preparation Equipment

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Countertop Mixers: Features and Capabilities

A variety of foodservice operators — including restaurants, bakeries and pizzerias — use countertop mixers to prepare dressing, sauce, batter, dough and other items from scratch.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Blenders

 Although these units’ sealed motors usually require no maintenance, there are simple steps operators can take to keep blenders running smoothly. Jeffery M. Brightly, owner of JMB Repairs Inc., Lake Worth, Fla., provides insight into caring for commercial blenders.

Product Knowledge Guide: Blenders

Commercial blenders assist with food prep or concocting blended beverages. These units offer much versatility while occupying little space due to capabilities beyond blending. A blender can perform the functions of food processors, nut grinders and mixers, saving counter space by replacing these appliances with one single appliance.

Scale Calibration

When it comes to scales, basic rules of calibration are often overlooked. But the fact remains that extended usage, bad handling, electricity interruptions and other factors can impact the accuracy of this equipment.

Servicing and Maintaining Portion Scales

Scales, available in either mechanical or electrical styles, are a standard and necessary piece of equipment in many commercial kitchens. They facilitate portion control, which is essential for maintaining consistent recipes and managing food costs.