Consultant Q&A with Brent Hall, vice president of operations and projects director, Clevenger Associates, Elma, Wash.

FE&S: What is the temperature difference among the various types of freezers?

BH: While an upright or walk-in freezer goes down to 32 degrees F, the blast freezers, also called ice cream/gelato freezers, have lower temperatures of -20 degrees F.

FE&S: What is a main consideration when purchasing an ice cream/gelato freezer?

BH: Space is a major factor, as well as volume, since these units are designated for operations selling large amounts of ice cream and/or gelato.

FE&S: Are there utility issues that need to be taken into account?

BH: Because this equipment has larger compressors, more power is typically required to operate these freezers.

FE&S: Is location in the kitchen a factor with these units?

BH: Like all refrigeration and freezers, clearance on the sides and/or top may be needed to ensure proper air circulation.