Use the MiLO oven to cook everything from pizza, sliders, paninis, brussels sprouts and chocolate chip cookies. The possibilities are endless!

It’s a challenging time to be a chef — or a foodservice operator, for that matter. There’s a whole different set of pressures affecting foodservice than there were even a decade ago. Today’s busy customers want their food delivered quicker than ever. What used to be considered “fast food” now has to be delivered in a matter of seconds, not minutes. And what’s more, it has to be made with fresh ingredients. Even the youngest diners are asking for fresh, not processed, flavors.

“Delivering high-quality, fresh food at the speed of business today is a challenge,” says Tim Klauder, Sales Manager for Ovention. “The demands of people are changing. Their diets are changing and they expect higher quality. And they don’t want to wait in line.”

At the same time, chefs and managers are dealing with labor issues back of house. Turnover among employees is high and when new employees are brought on, the learning curve can be steep.

If that weren’t enough to deal with, kitchen space is at an all-time premium. As kitchens “shrink” to allow for more profitable front-of-house seating, equipment is being called on to do double (or even triple) duty. 

Problems Solved

To solve those problems, more and more chefs are turning to the new MiLO®ovens from Ovention. The MiLO uses a one-of-a-kind technology called Decoupled Air and Infrared, the first integration of hot air and infrared cooking in a single oven. The hot air inside the oven allows for even, consistent cooking and minimizes shrinkage. The infrared elements on both top and bottom of each cavity caramelize without overdrying. “This is an oven that gives high speed and high quality,” says Klauder. “With infrared on top and bottom, it can do almost anything an oven can do, and do it at high speed. You can control the amount of infrared and temperature at the push of a button. Any skill level can cook high-quality, artisan-style food.”

Another convenient feature of the MiLO is its programmability. Full-color, touch-screen controls make it easy to operate, and help ensure consistent cooking every time. With its USB port, cooking directions can be easily shared between different locations to ensure proper preparation — so important for chains, where preparation consistency between units is essential.

The active venting system on the MiLO helps pull humidity from the cooking cavity on demand, which makes for perfectly crisp food.  And like all Ovention ovens, the MiLO is ventless, which means it can fit in virtually any spot in the kitchen. The Double MiLO oven puts two powerful ovens in a small 29” x 33” footprint, making it ideal for countertop placement. That allows for preparation of two different products at different cooking temperatures at the same time. And its small footprint makes the Double MiLO oven ideal not just for tightly spaced restaurant kitchens but also for high-volume, high-traffic areas where space is a major consideration, such as airports, college/universities or stadiums…in other words, anywhere people are looking for higher-quality food, prepared quickly.

The high-speed Ovention MiLO oven saves time and labor but most importantly, it produces delicious food consistently. “People want artisan quality food anywhere,” says Klauder. “That’s what MiLO is all about.”

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